Work Experience
Enter your work experince history in this section. This is the most important section of your resume because based on it, your prospective employer will decide upon your candidature. 
While writing a brief description about your roles and responsibilities, be accurate, concise and use minimum words. 

For example: Rather than "I was responsible to work on a daily basis with the company's most important clients and helped them solve problems", write it as "Worked with clients to solve problems".

In this section do not enter details about the Projects you have undertaken in your organization. A seperate section is available to add deatils on Projects.
  • Do not use abbreviations. For example: Instead of writing “BDE” , write “Business Development Executive”
  • It is advisable to enter your job responsibilities in bullet format rather than in paragraph form
  • Give more emphasis to your more recent work experience
  • More than reading, employers scan resumes. You must be concrete and quantify your responsibilities
  • Be accurate and precise and detail the duties most relevant to the desired job
  • Focus your experience on the aspired position. Avoid including any unrelated experience or put it in a separate section
  • If your work experience is not relevant for the prospective job, but you have a volunteer experience or a community service highly related to it,  you can add this experience detailing skills and abilities rather than companies or jobs
  • Include at least three bulleted items per job experience, showing first the most relevant duties
  • If you have had periods of unemployment think about the activities you were doing during that time: volunteer work, courses, classes, etc. List the activities or educational activities you did during that periods
How do I format my work experience?

We recommend listing 3-5 bulleted examples under each position in a standard resume format. Each bullet point should be a complete sentence, about one line in length

How many years of work history should I include?

For a standard chronological resume, we recommend going into detail for the past 10-15 years of your work history. Include more examples for the most recent positions and fewer for older ones. For jobs held more than 15 years ago, list only job title, employer, and location.

In what order do I list my jobs?

Use reverse chronological order; show the most recent first and work backwards to the earliest position.

I am returning to the workforce. How do I include my time off work?

For people who have taken a break from the workforce, we recommend a functional or hybrid resume format. These formats present your experience based on your skills rather than in chronological order.  Your resume should be focused on what you are bringing to the employer, and less focused on the time you were not in the workforce. Your cover letter is the best place to explicitly address the time period you were off the workforce due to family concerns, health issues, or other factors.

Do I need to include dates for my work history?

Yes, you should include starting and ending dates for each employer listed in the work history section.  It’s best to show both months and years. If you decide to show only years, a discerning hiring manager may wonder why you aren’t providing more detail. Once you choose a format, stick to it and stay consistent throughout the resume.

What is Employer location?

Employer location means the city and state where you worked for the Employer. In a standard resume, it’s not necessary to include a street name or building number.

What does “Employer” mean?

Employer refers to the name of the organization or company where you worked. If you were employed by an individual instead of an organization or company, use that person’s full name as the Employer.

I worked for a temporary agency. How do I list that experience?

Temporary work can be treated in the same way as other work history. List the agency as the employer, followed by the location and the dates of employment. Use an appropriate title, such as “Inventory Clerk,” “Administrative Support,” or other general position title

What if I do not have any work experience?

List any volunteer, scholastic or community experience that you have. Be specific about what you participated in and your accomplishments. If you have relevant internship experience, list it under your work experience section

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