Soft Skills
When completing this section, consider entering skills that has been asked for, by your prospective employer for the job position you're seeking. Employers quickly scan resumes. So, long lists are not likely to be read. 
Hence a short, targeted skills' list will be more effective than a long and overwhelming one.
  • To detail your skills use action words
  • Emphasize those skills, abilities and knowledge that meet the position requirements
  • Be selective and show only the skills relevant to the job requirements. The job description will help you to select the relevant skills
  • Write short and understandable phrases. Remember that employers love simplicity
  • All the skills you show, should be verifiable
  • Describe personal characteristics if you don't have relevant skills, such as fast learner, dependability or attention to detail
  • Do not talk about your technical skills in this section as we have a separate section for it
How many skills should I include?

3 - 5 skills. The Skills section should list the skills most relevant to your targeted job. If you have more than 5, list the most important in the Skills section, and include the others into your Work History section.

Which skills should I list?

We recommend you tailor each resume to each job you are applying for so you can match your skills to the employer’s needs. Take a look at job descriptions for similar positions to choose which skills to highlight.

How do I write skills?

This section is meant to be quick and easy to review. Use 2- to 3-word phrases without periods. If something needs a longer description add it to Work History.

Where do I list computer or technical skills?

They should be reflected in “Technical Skills” section.

Where do I include certifications?

They should be reflected in Certification section. 

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