Professional Qualifications
If you hold any professional qualification like "MBA", "Chartered Accountant", etc, enter details in this section.

Please do not enter details about any certification or short term courses here, A seperate section is available for disclosing such courses.
  • Include grades/percentage only if it is excellent
  • Do not include scholarships, awards or recognitions, important student projects here. We have another section for them
What is professional qualification?

Professional qualifications are vocational qualifications, often involving an element of practical training. Usually, they are linked with a specific industry and are designed to help you improve and develop relevant skills for a particular career path. For example: Chartered Accountant.

Do I include ALL my professional degrees?

Yes you should disclose all the professional degrees held by you.

Should I include my grades?

If you have impressive grade, you may include it. It is not necessary unless an employer requests it.

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