Hobbies and interests you put on your resume, say something specific about you to your employers. Therefore, try to mention those interests and hobbies that matches the requirement of the job role.

For Example: If you are applying for a trainer's profile, then mentioning hobbies like, blogging and web browsing might seem irrelevant or insignificant.
  • Through this section show that you are a well-rounded individual and that you will make a great addition to the organisation
  • By including right information you can make yourself a more perfect fit for the position and team
  • Never include information that can seem offensive, odd or undesirable. You are not under any obligation to mention all activities. Give only that information that have the potential of representing you in the best light
  • Listing every extracurricular activity is rarely a good idea. Less is more when it comes to including your personal life on your CV. Compile a list of all the items you might possibly include, and then narrow it down to those that help make you look like an attractive employee
  • Common interests such as reading, travelling or watching movies need not be included. The goal is to show off skills and personality traits that may not be easily inferred from your work or educational background. This section should always portray you in the best light to give you an advantage over other job competitors
  • Certain activities no matter how strongly you feel about them or how big part of your life they may be, should never be included in your hobbies and interests section. Participation in political campaigns or partisan groups is off-limits unless you are applying for a position with a political organization that shares similar viewpoints
  • Senior level individuals such as managers and executives should never have the hobbies and interests section on their CVs. Their interests and hobbies should be clear from their achievements and experiences
  • Avoid mentioning risky or time-consuming hobbies
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