Honors & Awards
If you have received any scholarships or honors and awards in your education or work  life, enter details in this section.
  • You may have earned many accolades in your younger years, but unless you are freshly out of high school, these should not be included in your professional resume
  • If you have received any honour or award from any higher education institution include the names and brief description of these on your resume
  • Avoid those honours that have nothing to do with your future career goal, your current job search or those that do not enhance your candidacy
  • You have to research the organization or company, but also the position you're applying for when listing your awards. Your copywriting award might be impressive, but it won’t help you in a business analyst role. Choose your awards wisely, and make sure they're relevant to both the position and the company you're interested in
  • Don't use too much technical industry jargon while talking about the awards you have received
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