Volunteer Experience
If you are associated with any NGOs and have volunteered in social activities, enter relevant details here. 
  • Individuals who take time outside of work to participate in professional organizations or service opportunities often enjoy a happier quality of life and therefore make great employees. Recruiters look for this type of experience when sorting through job candidates
  • For students just seeking their first professional position, detailing participation in college clubs, athletics and community organizations helps assure senior staff that you have the skills to succeed in the real world and that you possess an understanding of how to apply what you have learned during your years of study
  • Listing every outside endeavour you participate in is rarely a good idea. Less is more when it comes to including your personal life on your CV. Compile a list of all the items you might possibly include, and then narrow it down to those that help make you look like an attractive employee
  • Never include any information that can be offensive, odd or undesirable
  • There are certain activities that, no matter how strongly you feel about them or how big of a part of your life they may be, should never be included. For example, Participation in political campaigns or partisan groups is off-limits unless you are applying for a position with a political organization that shares similar viewpoints
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