Career Summary
Enter a brief description about your career history and the most valuable skills and experience you have to offer.

It is the first thing a potential employer reads about you, so you can sell yourself quickly by writing a very impressive description.

The summary should be in a paragraph not having more than 3-5 compact sentences.
  • The summary should be 3-5 sentences in paragraph form
  • Things to include in a Summary Statement:
    1. Your current field, years of experience and career focus
    2. The most relevant part of your background for the position you are applying for
    3. The most impressive result you’ve achieved in your career
    4. What you offer your potential employer
Example: “Bi-lingual Customer Service Manager with 10 years experience in a high-volume call centre. Energetic and organized team lead with a history of successful on-boarding of regional support teams. Achieved 10% reduction in refund requests and 15% increase in sales over a 2-year period. Seeking a position in a company expanding its support operations into English-speaking countries.”
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