Technical Skills
Showcase you technical skills by entering details in this section. 
For example: You have "working knowledge about Java" or "expert knowledge about MS Office."
  • Do not include outdated skills or those not relevant to the job
  • Do not show technical skills for antique programs. This will indicate to the employer that your knowledge is not up to date. Specify which versions can you handle
  • Show the skills in order of relevance.  In this way employers who are looking for expertise in specific areas, will recognize them swiftly
  • Do not show too many skills. You must put only the relevant ones. The objective is to convince the employer that you can do what he needs very well
  • If you are not applying for a particular job, then you can show the skills in order of proficiency. Put first those skills in which you are an expert and then those in which you are just competent. This will give a picture of your specialities to employers
  • You can use competence level words to help the employer to have real information about your expertise. Novice, intermediate, proficient or expert
  • Use accessible vocabulary
  • Be honest, show only skills that reflect your real abilities
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