Educational Background
Enter details about your Secondary, Higher Secondary and Graduation in these sub sections. These are compulsory sections.
  • Do not include scholarships, awards or recognitions, important student projects here. We have another section for them
  • If you hold any professional qualification and have more than 10-15 years of post qualification information, it is advisable not to talk about your secondary, higher secondary and graduation in details. You can avoid giving information like school/college name, grades, year of qualification 
Do I include my high school education?

If high school is your highest degree, you should include your high school degree information.  You may remove high school information and use your current school once you begin at a new academic institution or professional school.

Do I include all of my educational details?

If you have an extensive educational history, keep the section brief and easy to read.  Do not use more than two lines for each degree. It’s not necessary to provide a long list of coursework or explanations.

Can I list certifications and other classes in the Education section?

The Education section generally includes only degrees. Certifications should be mentioned in Certifications section.

Should I list classes I’ve taken?

If you don’t have much work experience, then coursework can supplement your resume. But only mention coursework relevant to your targeted jobs. Include no more than four or five relevant courses. Special projects can also be listed.

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