Work Projects
Enter details about all the projects you have undertaken in your career which you think are worth mentioning in your resume. 

Remember, details entered in this section shall be a part of the 'Work Experience' section of your resume.
  • Quantify the results of your projects and just don’t say "Led the project to increase production." Focus on the specific results. For example "Designed and managed the streamlining of my division's production processes, resulting in a 200-percent increase over the previous year."
  • Discuss how your specific involvement was beneficial to the project
  • Briefly mention the background for the project. For example “sluggish sales”,” increased customer complaints” or “outdated stores”
  • Use active language to make a clear connection between your participation and the results by using phrases such as "developed and led implementation of marketing program to reach new markets overseas" or "developed training program for new hires that improved customer service and resulted in a 75-percent decrease in customer complaints."
  • Include discussion of any projects in which your leadership or specialized abilities resulted in surpassing a project's established goals or objectives. If you led a project designed to reduce production costs by 10 percent, and you succeeded in reducing costs by 20 percent, emphasize that on your resume. Highlight how your involvement led to the project exceeding its goals
  • Highlight accolades or awards you or your team received for projects you led
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