Decided! You are going to have a marked career in your field. That’s great, but have you ever thought that even making a common career mistake can shatter your dream? 

If you are not making any mistakes, you are not trying. And making career mistakes means that you are trying. But when you make basic mistakes then you need to work on avoiding them, as basic mistakes can lead you to a shattered future. 

7 Basic career mistakes that you should avoid:

Here is a list of 7 basic career mistakes that you should avoid at all costs. So without any further ado let’s jump ahead and understand the mistakes and why you should avoid them.

1. Pushing too much on salary and benefits:

How strong a temporary salary cut appeals to you? If you are moving ahead then think of the experience and less about the money. In the long run, your experience will pay you expected dividends as your new job is much like a new challenge to yourself. Aim to achieve wider skills and broaden your knowledge. Crave for the job satisfaction it will give you and also how impressive it will look on your resume. Nobody cares about your salary more than your experience. 

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2. Buying property:

We all always dreamed of having a house near the workplace, just imagine how comfortable it will be! But there is a problem doing it early in your career, you are bound in many ways to one location. You are not adjustable or flowy which may be a factor against you when you want to move up the ladder. Yes, you can also rent it, but it also creates some extra hassle for you. Many organizations will be unwilling to pay expensive moving costs.

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3. Avoiding challenges:

Taking a way out is a short-term policy that will stand you in bad stead. It is when you start facing difficulties and you start understanding how to react to stress. You also realize what your weaknesses and strengths are and that you can avoid any negative and sapping energy situations. Aim for challenges where you feel you can grow and utilize your skills and passion to a greater effect. 

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“My biggest motivation? Just to keep challenging myself. I see life almost like one long University education that I never had – every day I’m learning something new.” —Richard Branson

4. Ignoring customer feedback:

There are some successful businessmen who made foolish decisions about a product launch or service, just because they did not take customers’ feedback into consideration. One such example is Hiten Shah (founder of KISSMetrics) who spent $1m on developing a hosting company that never even launched. They had a very late realization that customers’ delight should be the priority. 

A similar example is that of Robin Chase, co-founder of Zipcar. “We built the website first and asked our customers about it later.” —Robin Chase

5. Being too much self-absorbed:

The fact is that we do not help our colleagues as much as we should, as we focus only on our work and ourselves. This is probably the biggest mistake as research shows that by helping your colleagues you are establishing a broad road of support which will pay off handsomely down the line. 

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Research done by ‘James Citrin’ and ‘Richard Smith’ shows that successful entrepreneurs were dedicated to helping their colleagues compared to those who are unable to be on the top. It is mentioned in their book “The 5 Patterns of Extraordinary Careers: The Guide for Achieving Success and Satisfaction”. 

6. Avoiding hard work:

Hard work pays in kind, not in cash, and success is the pay that you get. Dedication towards your at hand job, and the determined nature that no matter if we win or lose, we have been giving the best of ourselves to our at hand task.

Each and every successful entrepreneur is convinced that the secret to their success has always been hard work, discipline, and self-confidence.

7. Being afraid to make a job change:

Sometimes it feels like the present working environment is restrictive and is not allowing us to develop our leadership skills properly. There might be other restrictions like lack of training, widening skillset, and so on. 

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Examine the whole scenario carefully that how a job change can give you the next step to move further. If you convince yourself to wallow in the self-pity and boring situation you can never make the courage for a job change that will possibly be the takeoff of your career. 

Everyone makes career mistakes at the beginning, but what’s important is that we should keep walking. Making a mistake is not the halt, it is your better start. 

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