Balancing your personal life with one hand and your professional life with another is not as easy as it sounds.

The increasing competition and job demand have made it tougher to balance work and family time together. But we can not put our personal life behind our professional and vice-versa, so balancing both of them is equally important. 

But the tips provided below will undoubtedly help you juggle your life easily while doing work. It is always better to move step by step than to jump on to something. So let us first know what is work-life balance.

What is work-life balance and why is it important?

Work-life balance is the key to a healthy work environment.  

Especially after the 2020 lockdown, remote working jobs have put this topic of work-life balance in fore light.

  • Stress is the most common health issue growing in the workplace, maintaining a work-life balance helps in stress reduction
  • Prioritizing work-life balance leads to a healthier and more productive workforce.
  • You can pull time for yourself. 
  • It helps both the employees and employers.

Now, let us move on with the Tips and Ideas that will help you to create a harmony between both of them. 

1. Stick to your strengths:

Focus on your strengths. Giving your time to be helpful in the workplace is great and important but only if you have a proper idea of what you will be doing. 

Suppose, you are not good with graphics and you don’t know anything about it but still helping your colleague will hamper your working time. 

2. Prioritize:

Your overall mental, physical, and emotional health should be your primary concern. 

Keeping your health aside and overburdening yourself with work will possibly be causing you to take more days off from work. You should also prioritize your time according to your “to-do’s”. 

tips for work life balance

3. Plot some “me time”:

Spending some quality time with yourself is something everyone should include in their routine. Not much but at least spending a few minutes with yourself, will help you stay calm and stress-free the whole day and will inject positive energy to work. 

4. Set timeline for yourself:

Try to set a routine for yourself and stick to it. Setting a timeline to work will help you complete your work on time and will give you some personal time too. Otherwise, before you know it, you will be working late every day. 

5. Make a to do list:

Making a to-do list will not only organize you but will also inspire you to take out some spare time for yourself and do stuff you like. You can also put reminders for important things according to their urgency. 


6. Make your work place comfortable:

A good workplace inspires us to work more and it also increases our work pace. 

⇒ You can replace your old chair with a comfortable chair.

⇒ You can re-decorate your cubicle according to your likings. With wallpapers, plants, notes, etc. 

⇒ You can also use ergonomic keyboards, support stands for laptops, etc. 

7. Make yoga and meditation a must-do activity:

Yoga, meditation, and exercises keep you fit and fresh for the whole day and help you stay calm and composed throughout your working period.

yoga to maintain balance between work and life

8. Do what you love:

Doing something you love besides work is equally important. This will refresh your mind, and help you nurture your creative side. 

matter what you do at some point in your life you will have to be creative and innovative. Doing something you love with full passion besides work keeps your mind welcoming for every kind of thought. 

9. Self-analysis:

Self-analyzing your work at the end of the day helps you to understand your work progress, and pace. At the end of each working day analyzing what you did, what went well and what went wrong will help you to be more productive.

10. Take a break:

Continuous work will make you lethargic and less active. At times you need to take tea breaks or you can step out for fresh air, this will open the window for fresh ideas.

Especially when you are working from home/remote working, working alone gets boring, you can call your friends or colleagues to know their status, or you can discuss ideas over a cup of coffee and offer each other support. 

11. Take a holiday break:

Last but not at all the least tip for a work-life balance, taking a holiday break. Everyone loves holidays, and should involve them in their annual routine.

Taking at least one holiday a year will not only refresh you or boost your mind but it will also help you know different cultures all over the world. If you still can’t make time for that holiday, a long weekend will work just fine. 


In the present generation personal life and professional life are equally important for everyone, and maintaining a work-life balance is the key to a healthy and successful lifestyle. 

Working women are the best example to understand this concept of work-life balance. They balance their professional time and family time in the best way possible. This can lead a great example for everyone who is not able to balance their work-life.

So there you have it, our 11 tips to help you find a better balance between work and life and be more productive.

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