The 2020 lockdown because of the covid19 pandemic has led to some major changes in every sector, including the job/ business sector. This has led to remote working jobs in many companies. Remote working is not an easy task, whether you are an employee working for a company or a job-seeker looking for remote working positions.

Quarantines, lockdowns, and self-imposed isolation pushed people around the world to ‘work from home’/ ‘remote working’. The virus has broken the existing process of working in a cubicle and made working from home the new normal.  

We all have this desire of working while staying at home with all the comfort. But as much as remote working is glorified, it comes with its own set of downfalls. In this article, we will tell you about the pros and cons of working from home along with some tips to make your remote working pleasant and hassle free.

Remote working and its pros and cons:

pros of remote working


Pros of Remote Working:

You can count the benefits of remote working from both the employer’s and the organization’s perspectives. 

From an employers perspective:

  • Better Work-life balance; especially for working women, it becomes very easy to balance their work and home together. 
  • Increased productivity and focus; being in a comfortable environment like home, people became more focused and productive. 
  • Less stress; having no timeline to rush with, gives you stress-free work life. 
  • Savings; remote working proves to be pocket-friendly too, as it saves you extra money from your travel and food expenses.

Organization’s perspective:

  • High employee productivity. 
  • Lower organizational costs.

Cons of Remote Working:

While there are benefits of remote working there are some consequences as well, which may make your work from home a bit challenging. 

cons of remote working

  • Communication deterioration; communicating with a person face to face gives you much more comfort and confidence to manage your team than communicating through chats.


  • While some people love this new normal, some are also missing their work from the office environment. As working alone is not in everyone’s favour. 


  • We are getting a good work-life balance time but sometimes it’s hard to manage, because of the time-management

Remote working tips and tricks to get rid of all the problems you face while working :

Now, that you know about the various pros and cons of remote working, let us know about the various remote working tips that will help you to increase your productivity.

  • We all love sleeping for some extra minutes, and knowing that there is no rush of going to the office, we can sleep late, but even while remote working it is good to wake up early. As waking up early gives a lot of time to ourselves, doing something refreshing like; jogging, cooking, reading, or anything which we like, helps us stay active the whole day.  


  • A workstation and presentable background gives us a good working vibe, hassle-free working, and shows professionalism during meetings or video calls despite being at home.  


  • Try not to multitask, do one thing at a time. The best way to avoid situations that push you to multitask is to prepare a work routine and work accordingly. This can be the most organized way of time management. 


  • Being at home always increases our small craving to eat, more than normal. But continuous snacking can make us lethargic. So we should avoid having snack breaks now and then, and even if we had to, our choices should be healthy.


  • Do not skip your lunch, having lunch on time and taking a break from your laptop screen will help you resume your work in a refreshed way. 


  • Working from home does not mean it can’t be hectic, so it’s good to get proper sleep, a minimum of 8 hours. Being up late at night and not getting enough sleep will frustrate you towards your work and colleagues too. 


  • You should also ask your colleagues if they need any kind of help, similarly as you should do in the office, and should keep your seniors up-to-date with the work, this shows your unchanged dedication towards work.


work from home tips


Bottom line: 

Working from home is not easy, although it’s profitable in some aspects. Above mentioned remote working tips will help you ease your remote working experience.

As whether you are a full-time worker or a freelancer, remote working comes with an added responsibility. Being punctual and professional despite being in the office is something you need to follow.  Even though the workplace has changed, the work pressure always stays the same.  


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