Want to change your career?

People do career change for many different reasons. You may have changed your values and career goals, possibly you have grown a new interest in something else that you want to incorporate in your job field, you may want to make more money, or maybe you are getting enough flexible hours. Just to count some! There can be countless reasons for someone to think of a career change. 

But before you decide on something, it is necessary to take out some time to evaluate your present situation and explore various career options. Decide on your decision if your career needs a makeover and then choose a career option that gives you more satisfaction and feels achievable. 

Why do people think of career change? 

As we discussed some of the reasons above, there can be numerous reasons for a person to switch careers. Although, no doubt that it’s a personal choice, with many facts involved. ‘Joblist’s Midlife Career Crisis survey’ marked the top 5 reasons for a career change.

  1. Better Pay: 47%
  2. Too Stressful: 39%
  3. Better Work-Life Balance: 37%
  4. Wanted a New Challenge: 25%
  5. No Longer Passionate About Field: 23%

Now, here are some benefits of a career change;

  1. Happier: 77%
  2. More satisfied: 75%
  3. More fulfilled: 69%
  4. Less stressed: 65%

Additionally, people who changed their careers were making more money. 

10 tips for a successful career change:

These tips will help you assess your interests, explore options, evaluate alternative career paths, and make your move towards a new career:

1. Evaluate, is your current job satisfying?

Keep a journal of the daily activity of your job, and mark the changes. What aspects of your current job profile you like, or what you don’t like? Is your problem with the work, the job profile, the company, or the environment? When you think it’s time for a change, you can prepare yourself beforehand with some things. 

2. Assess your past career, interests, and skills:

Review your past career; jobs, volunteer works, interests, and skills to get your preferred profile. Determine whether your preference is matching to your current job profile.

You can also take help from some free online tools that will help you search for different alternative job profiles according to your preference. 

3. Consider alternative career options:

Get a storm of ideas for numerous career alternatives by discussing your thoughts with your friends, family, and people of your networking. Still, if you are having any second thoughts due to your confusion you can take help from different career counselors, for professional advice. 

4. Check out other job options:

Research about different fields and their works, and check out other job options. Without wasting your time anywhere else you can simply google your interest in the job and you will get plenty of results there.

5. Get personal:

Find out even the small information about that field and reach out to your personal contact for help. One of the best sources to get yourself an interview chance is your college contacts. LinkedIn is yet another best place or I should say the networking source to get information about jobs in your preferred field of interest. 

6. Set up the job shadow:

Shadow professionals in the fields of your interest to observe the work firsthand. Spend and dedicate yourself from hours to days shadowing people working in the same field you are interested in. There are different organizations, clubs, and even some colleges that host events for job shadowing. Here’s more to know about job shadowing! 

7. Try that out:

Search for volunteer activities or freelancing to know more about your targeted field of interest. i.e. If you are searching for an opportunity as a content writer, try freelancing in content writing or magazine writing. If you love working with animals you can volunteer in social shelters for animals. 

8. Search for courses:

Taking classes is the best and professional way to bridge your interest and your desired field. Even a short-term course or an online course can help you. Spend some time at seminars or events. You can also contact professional groups for any kind of suggestions.

9. Upgrade your skills:

Look for ways with which you can upgrade and polish your skills in your current job, it will make way for your change. Like, if you are a social media marketer but offer to create posts if your organization demands it. There are ways to help you in your career change, without even doing something hard. 

10. Consider a new job in the same industry:

Consider alternative options within your recent industry, so that you don’t even have to step out. e.g. if you are a digital marketer in your company but to grow your writing passion you can offer the company to fill the post of content writer. Without even stepping out you can experience career change

For any career, you will need a strong resume that you can create with cvDragon. And review this article for career-changing tips. 

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