You know the standard drill to apply for jobs. But before starting a job you need to know some steps that can lead you to a good job search even before you apply. 

Job seeking can be tough but not if you are well prepared. 

In today’s market getting a job is less stressful than finding one for yourself. And if we go one more step back then, we need to consider some factors, like steps before a job search. 

Some essential steps to consider before you start the job search are:

  1. Using the network. 
  2. A strong resume. 
  3. Social media. 
  4. Being mindful. 
  5. Focus on your accomplishments. 
  6. Be patient.
  7. Don’t take it personally. 

1. Using the network:

This is something which is not in our control but advertising increases our chances. Maybe you are finding it hard to conduct a job search but with networking, it can be very easy. 

Using different social media platforms like LinkedIn helps you establish a strong network.

linkedin networking

Now let us talk about your personal network. 

A reference is more likely to get you the position. Nowadays, informal hiring is happening on a greater scale. Forget about the old ways, step out and look for interactions with people, every person you meet will potentially bring opportunities for you. 

2. A strong resume:

First of all, if you are using an old resume then change the pattern, things have changed now and a resume is the first parameter for a job seeker to seize the chance. If you have a problem creating a resume, you can go for cvDragon a professional resume building platform that can make your process hassle-free.

Make your resume attractive yet easy to read. Your resume is the key to land you great jobs.

3. Social media:

Companies also research candidates before hiring, and social media is one of the many ways. If you think that your social media can go against you then it’s better to delete unnecessary details from your account.

connections for follow up

You should also make sure to update your social media from time to time. This will help the recruiter understand you properly. 

4. Being mindful:

There are steps before a job search you need to plan mindfully, like;

Keywords: It’s very important to mention keywords for every section you put on your profile. 

Highlight: Make sure to highlight the points which you feel necessary to show the recruiters. 

Positioning: Position all the sections of your profile according to the importance and requirements of the job profile. 

5. Focus on your accomplishments:

We all have a basic understanding of different job positions. If you are interested in a position and you want a job in that position, then sharing your generic knowledge can make you stand out.

You can add the specifications stating your knowledge, like;

~ Why are you perfect for this position?

~ What makes you different from others applying for this position? 

~ Did you take any training?  

~ What you learned from the previous job?

~ What benefits can you provide to the company?

6. Be patient:

As the demand for jobs is increasing day by day the job market for job seekers is getting terrible. The salaries are low and positions for freelancers and part-time job workers are shortening. 

Maybe what position you are looking for is yet not shared by a team now. Take this as a chance, maybe you always wanted to do something else, you can seize this opportunity and experiment with your profession. 

There are different steps for interviewing so you need to be patient, sometimes your interview can take hours but sometimes it may turn out to be a whole day process. 

7. Don’t take it personally:

The final helpful tip and most important tip is that you should never take it personally, nor should you get discouraged. You will probably go to hundreds of interviews and send thousands of resumes but still waiting for even one call. 

For any rejection, you face you must take it sportingly, remember it’s not just a right fit. 

Keep on trying according to your list, for every rejection, mark out a no but try once again.

If you are frustrated by your rejections, take a day off and try again, make yourself happy and continue your job search. 


Steps before a job search are equally important as steps taken to search for a job. Or we can say that steps before a job search are more important. 

As people start job search they always get confused about how to start, from where to start but this article will help you clear all your doubts. If you want to build a great resume to boost your job search you can take help from different apps like cvDragon

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