In the rat race of the modern world, a few selected jobs are chased by hundreds and thousands of contenders. Prospective employers are flooded with resumes. Recruiters scan CVs for one which pops out from the rest by virtue of unique activities and experiences. To catch the eye of recruiters, it is essential to build your resume even before graduation. This is because you will have sufficient time to prepare and dress your resume. Holidays and free time can be used for a variety of activities that can boost a resume.

  • Participation in sporting matches and tournaments.
  • Internships.
  • Volunteering for the underprivileged.
  • Environmental activism such as cleaning up a neighborhood lake or tree planting.
  • Making presentations with power point, slides, etc. for seminars or workshops.
  • Writing articles or blogs about your passion, such as fashion, coding, etc. For instance,
  • Writing travel blogs or trekking journals are useful for those aiming for the travel and tourism industry.
  • If teaching is your goal, teach students using power point presentations and slides.
  • These presentations can be uploaded to YouTube.
  • Part-time jobs at a mall or small business.
  • Selling products for companies such as Amway or Tupperware enhances marketing skills.
  • Such activities teach teamwork and leadership skills and are viewed positively by employers.

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