The very first question which often comes to everyone’s mind is that,How do I get a job with no experience?” Even if you don’t have any work experience, you can make a resume of yours and apply for the job. Now, I will be explaining to you how to write your first resume. Following are some of the guideline that will help you to write a resume with no experience.

1.You should always include a summary statement:

This is the place where you tell about your career objectives. And this section mainly comprises the things that you can do for the recruiter and not what the recruiter can do for you. Thus, overall a resume summary tells about what kind of a person you are. Try and keep this as interesting as you can because this really makes a great impression on the recruiter’s mind.

2. You should decide on the format of the resume:

You should know about some of the few dominant resume formats that are currently in use today and these include:-functional, chronological, and hybrid- the combination of the functional and chronological. Now, a functional resume format mainly focuses on highlighting your achievements along with your skills rather than focusing on your work experience. Then, on the other hand, the chronological resume format is the one that lists your work experience in reverse-chronological order.  Also, most of the employers prefer the chronological or hybrid resume format over the functional resume format. Lastly, it does not really matter which of these three resume formats you use, but be sure that whichever format you use, it should remain consistent throughout the whole document.

3. You should make sure there are no corrections needed:

Now, while you are editing your resume, you should make sure that there is no grammatical, punctuation, spelling, or any other means of errors that can make your resume look very unprofessional. Also, make sure that your resume is in readable form, i.e. one does not get any kind of difficulty while going through your resume.

4. You should quantify your achievements and activities:

You should make a complete list of everything you have done as they will be useful on your resume. Also while sending your resume try to filter out your relevant achievements and include it at the top. Your achievements actually tell how active and goal oriented you are.

5. You should focus on your skills and education:

Now, having listed your work experience, you should also tell about your education and the skills that you possess. These might include the things that you would have done while you were studying and that might help you in this particular job.

6. Remember to mention your internships:

Now, as fresher internships are one of your biggest weapons that you can use as your work experience. And it does not matter that it is paid or unpaid. The internships provide you with connections, along with the real world experiences, which would help you land in a job.

7. You should include your extracurricular activities or volunteer work:

Along with your internships, you should also include your extracurricular activities as these might also get counted in your experiences. And do not forget to include if you have some or any volunteering experiences.

8. You should remember to never include certain elements:

Now, while there are many things that you should add up to your resume, on the other hand, there are even a few of the things you should never include because they take up a lot of space. Do not add any irrelevant things to your resume and also add your photo only when it is asked.

9. You should include keywords:

You will need to put in some of the important keywords in your resume because of most of the time, the recruiter’s search through some particular keywords. Do no use annoying words as this would take away the interest of the recruiter. Including important keywords will increase your chances of being reviewed by the recruiters.

10. You should also customize your resume:

Now, last but also the most important thing which you should always remember is that you should customize your resume while applying for the different jobs. And also keep updating your resume, and adding on your current skills and position.

Lastly, there are no magical words that would turn your resume into a perfect one. All you need to do is just keep in mind all the above points and land up getting your dream job!!


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