Are you looking for a job? Do you want to grow your career in your dream organization? Make sure that you have the positive attitude in you. Half the job is done with the right attitude and self-confidence. The rest is done by the resume you post for the job.

Structuring a resume is very important today. The better it is organized and well formed, more is the chance to create the right impression to the employers. After all, the first impression matters!

Gone are the days when the job seekers used to write down there, or carry the printout of a simple resume – the black and white piece of paper did its job, but not in all cases. Since then, big minds have brought in the idea of having build the resume online. When the Internet has become a crucial part of our everyday life, why not use it to have a good resume too? There are websites, which help to build resume online, but when you look out for the best resume making site, is the name in the mind.

The resume for a fresher and experienced person differ in the content, but the basic structure remains the same. The CV formats need to be revised time and now to make sure that it is updated and can be placed for an interview when and where demanded.

If it’s the first resume, the applicant is advised to sit and think and then jot down the points that are to be included in the resume, thus setting the first step forward to apply for a job hundred candidates might be applying for. So it is necessary to do something different in the resume in order to stand out in the crowd when the employers are short listing the resumes.

Let’s discuss the CV / Resume format.

Contact Information: 

The first line on the top of your CV should have your full name. The formatting can be done if required to enhance the aesthetics of the same. Following the name, your CV should have your contact details that comprise of your phone number, your email ID, and your residential address.

Summary or Objective: 

This section should contain few lines about yourself – the years of experience, an objective in a professional career. The content should be relevant, substantial and yet short and crisp.

Educational details: 

Following the Summary section, the CV should have the Education section. This should contain the list of degrees achieved, along with the names of the institutes, course of study and year of completion. The preferred order to list the degrees is to start from the last degree achieved till the first one. Even certification courses if done any should come under this section.

Work Experience details:  

This will have the previous experience details and the responsibilities that had to be conducted at the job. The tenure of work in each job should also be mentioned.
However, the resume format for a fresher will not have this section. Education details will be followed by the succeeding sections.


The last section usually should have the skill set details. Every resume is better portrayed if ended with the applicant’s special skills and proficiency. The languages were known, the tools or applications he is expert in and other specific expertise or accomplishments.

The above points do give a brief idea of the CV format. But above all the resume or CV should also be strongly supported by a cover letter. 



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