A good resume can change the whole career of a newly graduated aspirant. That is the reason most of the freshers are so concerned about it. A resume is very crucial when it comes to a fresher for getting hired. But they often get to have so many doubts while building a resume. One of the most common questions among them (for example) is not knowing about resume sections.

“What to add in the place of work experience?” as they have no work experience. 

First, they need to figure out what sections to include and what not to. For an applicant who just graduated the skills, achievements and education are far more important than anything else. Also, a fresher must know how he/she needs to present their resume to the recruiter. 

Functional Resume Format is the best for recent college graduates with little/no experience. This format mainly focuses on skills and professional experiences or accomplishments instead of work history. So, this is the go-to for almost all newly graduated aspirants.  A Mixed Resume Format may also work. So, these are the sections for a fresher to include in their resume to uplift their career:

1. Name and contact header:

This should in a big and impressive font. This section gives the whole resume a brilliant look. So, be gentle with the font size and use bold letters to highlight this section. This section involves Name, Phone Number, your professional Email ID, and LinkedIn URL (in some cases). Make sure your Name is the largest by size and most highlighted among all. Let the rest be in a smaller font size but still use bold/ italic font style.

2. Objective Statement: (Optional)

This is an optional section. Only include this if your resume doesn’t fill up at the end of your career objective is crystal clear and if so briefly explain it in one or more statements. That should be good. Remember to keep it straight and clear. It may benefit you with the slightest bit possible.

3. Educational Qualifications:

Including the Educational Qualifications is a must for a fresher’s resume. This is so important for recruiters. They study your educational qualifications and CGPA over the years. One needs to add the exact CGPA and please do not round off/ change the CGPA in your resume for a temporary increase in your resume value. When the recruiter finds out that it’s wrong what you mentioned in your resume, it will cause tremendous damage to your career. 

Recruiters are more concerned about your Educational Qualifications and just estimate the job performance according to your academics. But this is not all, so don’t worry. But having a good educational qualifications section can improve your chances of getting hired.

4. Skills:

This section is the most important of all sections in a freshers resume. So, make sure this is perfect and meets the job requirements and company requirements. Make sure you think twice before filling up this section. Do not add any skill you don’t acquire. Include only the skills which you are confident enough because this will be affecting the questions asked during the interview by the recruiter. Make sure this section looks fabulous and outstanding. 

This is the section that makes you distinct from the rest of the crowd. This is what makes you stand before everyone else. Make sure and prepare well for the skills mentioned. Mention only relevant skills and skills that you ace. As there is no experience the recruiter checks for a couple of sections in a freshers resume and this is one of them.

5.  Practical experiences:

Practical experiences mean not all the experiences you have had other from academics which might help you with any job. But you should only add what’s relevant to the desired job. By relevant practical experiences I mean any Internships, Training, Projects, paper publications, and related work to the applied job.

It is always a good omen to get the desired job if you are able to fill this section completely. Recruiters often tend to consider these other than skills and educational qualifications. This is again one of the most important sections of all in a freshers resume. So, be careful and do not repeat the same content again and again. Let this section be an eye-catcher.

6. Achievements and Accomplishments:

This is a section that completely elevates what you have been doing all these years. This is proof of everything you acquired. This section needs to be highlighted among all. Do not repeat the same content. It also only includes what’s relevant. This section includes any certificates, medals, achievements and if you are selected as finalists for any competition, then this is where you should include. 

Requirements for a resume to be good enough:

  • Easy to read.
  • Sections should be segmented.
  • Should have a professional look.
  • Not clumsy.
  • Standard and single font throughout.
  • Only add what’s relevant.

Tips to create an effective fresher resume:

  • Simple and neat look.
  • A clear and brief objective statement works.
  • Use the keywords used in the job description.
  • Single page.
  • Keep sentences to-the-point.

So, these are the sections to include in a freshers resume and those are the tips one must follow for making a great resume. A fresher can use online resume making websites to make their work simpler. Online Resume making websites are a new trend. 

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