Making a thin resume isn’t as tough as you’d think it is. It’s about putting the right sections together which is quite the challenge. It requires a good set of skills to make a perfect and THIN RESUME. You may have very less experience or no experience at all. In this article, we will see how you can add things to a thin resume.

How to manage the number of sections one has to add to their RESUME in order to impress the RECRUITER if you are a beginner?

Here are a few pointers you can consider before starting your resume:


Use the white spaces to fill information about your soft skills, or of any past work experience and your approach towards the vacancy at the firm. Don’t forget to enhance your strengths.

Instead of using white spaces for section separation, you can also use lines to separate out the sections. You can fill the blank space with art, graduation achievements, qualities, projects, links, etc. This is one of the many ways to add things to a thin resume.


Ways to add things to a thin resume


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How to write your first resume


It is always good to have texts arranged properly one-after-the-other, and that’s something we’ve all seen throughout our childhood starting from our textbooks to notes. Pointers and numbers have stuck around for a long time and can finally help you in building your resume for your dream job!!

  • Use some bullets and numbering to add more clarity to your RESUME.
  • Make your information neat, clean and properly arranged.
  • Use specific words that can be replaced in a sentence, so that you can save space for more information in your RESUME. This will make your THIN RESUME look more attractive and add spaces for further information.


Things to add in a thin resume



One of the many ways to add things to a thin resume includes using margins. A bordered page with some margin is formal and neat .According to your requirement, you would need more space for adding information. Here you can make use of NARROW MARGIN and NARROW BORDERLINE instead of the bold and super-fancy ones.

This will give:-

➢ Sleek and elegant formal look.

➢ More writing spaces.


Provide enough information to make contact with you. There is no need for a long detailed address and address of the rental home, etc. Just be specific about your CONTACT INFORMATION. Instead do not waste that precious writing space with your ADDRESS. You can use it to increase your shortlisting probability. 


Now come-on who loves to read paragraphs after paragraphs. The same is the case for the RECRUITERS.
So, be more specific, use NUMBERS, not alphabets. Add more spices to your RESUME, make it more relatable and crisp. Smartly use numbers like :

1. Your College Percentage / CGPA.
2. No. of projects completed.
3. No. of Internships / Industrial Training.
4. Any previous work experience, etc.

Well, now this is going to give you 2 advantages:-
1. It gives you more space for adding valuable information.
2. Gives an attractive look to your RESUME.


Improving your resume

Remember, a resume summary is supposed to summarize your best qualities for the job. It should not have more than five lines intro or 10 plus bullet points.

Bottom line

If your resume summary is this long, there is a chance that the recruiter will not read through all of it because it is obvious you did not bother tailoring it to the position you are applying for. Trim your resume summary to three lines of text and five to seven bullet points max. You can create your resume with cvDragon

Here at cvDragon, we help students and job seekers to create an attractive resume so that you can bag your dream job.


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