Many people think that branding is important only for businesses. This is not at all true, it is important for the success of a job search. Personal branding helps you to stand out as a prime candidate and defines you as an individual. Go through the following points and know about personal branding and the role of a resume.

Here are few points that shows the importance of a resume for personal branding:

Develop a strong job target/ job title

This is the first thing that your hiring manager will see as your personal brand statement. Describe what all you have to offer to their company.

List your strengths and attributes

 What sets you apart from others. Your personal brand statement will set the tone and therefore will make you stand out of the crowd.

Be bold with the layout

 There is a famous proverb that says “to look different, you have to stand out”.

This means that your resume template must be somewhat different and should have a unique style.

You can add colors, flowers or anything to your resume. But remember one thing the thumb rule says, not to include color in your resume so you have to be very careful while doing this.

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Summarize your career highlights

 It is a good way to impress the employer but always remember the highlights you are giving are in accordance with the job for which you are applying. Create a career history section and mention the important achievement that you have faced in your career. It is good to include at least four highlights in your resume.

Show off your online presence

Link to your website/ twitter account/ Facebook account/ LinkedIn profile and other web properties: Include your blog, Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn profile. This active online presence will prove to be your identity for the rest of the world. Sharing these will give a glimpse to your employees. Always remember whatever you are placing is 100 percent ready to showcase, under construction websites are useless and leaves a bad impression on the viewer.

Turn your duties into initiatives 

Instead of listing your duties you have worked on, just brand yourself by penning down your initiatives. Example: if you have worked on any project instead of describing it as a whole just, write the initiatives. Give two-three sentences that describe how you have created and how it benefits your organization.

Summarize your accolades

Make sure you put your accomplishments at the top. It should be the first thing that a potential employer must read and mix it with your personal statements.

Some examples of the accolades are:

  • Winning any award
  • Getting a prize for some research
  • Reducing company expenses
  • Being the employee of the week/month/year

Consider testimonials

Testimonials have been always considered as the go-to method for infomercials.

So now you can automatically take this route to automatically stand you out. Always keep in mind don’t take testimonials from anyone. Instead, search for senior level management from the companies where you have already worked.

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