Why do you need to mention your weakness?

Formatting your resume to the point of precise yet professional is an art many fail to master. cvDragon is an online resume making website that facilitates you to create such resume formats. Both Resume styles and quality content are equally important to impress the prospective recruiters. Resume formats for both freshers and experienced candidates are made further desirable by adding critical personal details to intrigue the prospective employers. One such detail is mentioning “What is your greatest weakness?”

The recruiters take the fact for granted that candidates won’t be a 100% honest about their weaknesses, but the way you disclose your weaknesses will show them the real you. It’ll get the recruiters past your nice, presentable interview facade and present to them what you’re really like to work with – the good, the bad and the ugly.

Keep in mind before answering the question.

Now to the issue at hand is, how to answer, “What is your greatest weakness?”

When you build cv online you heavily rely on tips provided by the online cv maker you’re using. You may also download  random resume, scavenge the internet for resume samples, refer to several online resume services .

You may even directly hit Google with the question, “How to write a professional resume?” But bear in mind this thought; that irrespective of how many means you wield, revealing your greatest weakness to the recruiters will always stand up as the single most tricky challenge whilst building your resume.

This is where you place your trust in your recruiters and show them the crack in your armor and gain their confidence in return. Nail this firmly and definitively, you bag the job; you mess this up and you’re back to square one.

The desired way!

Many articles, online resume making websites, resume samples and cv templates might suggest you, to turn a negative into a positive.

Share a supposed weakness that is actually a desirable quality in an employee, for example, ‘I am too much of a perfectionist,’ ‘I work too hard sometimes,’ ‘I care too much about my work.’ Well friend, I got news for you. Not good enough. It’s played out. Scrap it in the bin. The interviewer sees right through your pretentiousness.

Now at the same time remember not to be too honest either, it’ll scare off the recruiters. For example “I have a hard time waking up early in the morning,” wrong again, no employer fancies a latecomer.

The desired way is to try and find an authentic weakness, a minor and fixable one; careful though,  it must not flesh out to be a direct obstacle to the job at hand. For example, “I think one area I could work on is my delegation skill,” whilst you are applying for a junior-level employee role. Now as you see inefficiency in delegation does slow down the entire workflow, hence this is a genuine weakness. Your rescue here is that it can be fixed with sufficient management skill training course; moreover, delegation skill is not much of a requisite for a junior-level employee.


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