Having the right skills makes the very base of your resume. But what gets the recruiter’s attention and helps get you hired is how well you fit the company. Fitting the brand image ticks a big checkbox. This sets you apart from the crowd. In this article, we will tell you how to come across as a cultural fit in your resume.

1. Research

The very first thing you must do is prepare. You need to research the company well. Go on to their official website and see their company involvement and how they participate with the community as a company.

Find news articles related to them. Look into how they present themselves to the community and what projects they undertake. Take it one step further and look into all their social media accounts to observe how they interact socially with people.

Get to know about the company’s ethics and value priorities through their employee handbook, if available. And understand how they function by seeing if they are a strictly vertical organization or have a horizontal structure of working. Networking is key.  Try to find acquaintances or friends or acquaintances who work in the company or have worked there in the past. Interact with them, and get to know what ideals the company has. 

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2. Personalize your statements :

When introducing yourself, writing your summary or when you list out your achievements try outlining your personality. Mention how they helped you accomplish tasks and how it helped others. Make sure your values and priorities are parallel to the companies. Professional tone cover letters aren’t wrong but a little of yourself on the paper will make you stand out. And with the right words, it may make the situation favorable for you. 

This is a little risky though, if you praise yourself too much, it might make you look self-centered. Here, the rule of less is more is followed, just a little about yourself is appreciated.

Make sure to mention any charity or social work that you have done. This will create a positive image in front of recruiters.

3. Make your resume buzzword free :

A buzzword is a word or a phrase that is trending or is considered fashionable at a given time. But using too many of these words makes you part of a crowd and is not really preferred by recruiters either.

Use words that are more in touch with your personality and highlight your experiences in past jobs. Add context to the work you have done so far so that it looks like it has depth and reason from the recruiter’s perspective. Here’s an example:

Before: Developed global program offices to solve mission-critical issues and led teams on engineering and product complexity reduction programs.

After: Developed global program offices adhering to a “1 Company, 1 Goal” mindset and led teams in solving mission-critical issues and delivering major improvements in engineering and product complexity reduction.

Write about experiences that may interest the company and act as a base for a conversation in the interview. One thing to take away is to know that not all recruiters look for culturally fit candidates. Some do while others just choose who fits the skill set. Having a cultural fit doesn’t ensure you get hired but it does benefit in creating a good relationship with the company.


Following the above-mentioned guidelines will make sure that you get on the good side of the recruiters and make sure that you have something to converse about in an interview. This will make the interview go on longer that will help them get to know you better. Hence, increasing the chances of you getting hired. Showing that you fit in a company is about showing that you are interested in the position offered at the company but in the company as well. Let us know if the article helped you understand how to go about building a culturally fit resume in the comments below! All the best!



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