A resume is a great way to showcase yourself. A resume has the power to land more interviews. But, only a good one can do that. A good resume is a game-changer. It makes a stranger believe in your skills and passion to work for them and hence offers to lend you a chance to meet them in person and discuss more. How mythical it may sound, it’s the truth out there. Many recruiters have a good impression of the candidate even before seeing them in person, just by having a quick glance at his/her resume.

While on the other hand, your resume may also be the reason why not many interviews are coming your way. That only means, you need to upgrade your resume to the next notch. To do this one needs to know the tips and tricks of resume which make the resume scanning software or the recruiter to qualify his/her resume and make a call for the interview. So, here are 7 resume secrets to land more interviews:

1. Know the requirements:

This is a crucial step while building a resume. To build an awesome resume one needs to know what they are dealing with. Know the job requirements and include the content accordingly. Relevance is the key. No one likes to know the things that are not even close to the current situation and discussion. Then, what makes you think just by filling up irrelevant information would make the recruiter interested in you. It is just an entirely wrong step to do so. 

Know the requirements of your desired jobs and fill in accordingly. If they are similar, then it’s easier for you to include the common requirements. If they are different, it might be a little tricky or just build different resumes for each of them.

2. Keywords:

resume keywords

Resume Keywords are nothing but the words and phrases used by the company in their job description. Keywords come in handy when the recruiter uses ATS i.e. Applicant Tracking System which is a resume scanning software used by the employers to sort out their applicants by scanning their resumes. So, including these makes the software to sort you and select you for an interview session. A person who mentions these in their resume is more interested and qualified to have the job. At least, that’s what the employers think.

3. Stand out from the crowd:

resume tips

Leadership concept. Isolated on white

Just don’t create a good resume but create an impressive one which stand s out the crowd by all means. Make sure you use your creative side of the brain. A quick glance at your resume and people should go, “Wow”. This is the result we opt for. Create an eye-catching resume. Don’t be someone in the crowd. Be unique and distinct from others to make sure the employer gives their all attention.

4. Clear & Brief:

Be clear and brief. Though it may seem obvious, this is not the case with most of the resumes. People like to complicate things and wait until the recruiters ask about it in the interview. But the sad news is they never make up for the interview. It makes the person who sees your resume to absorb less. This is a simple step, but don’t neglect it. Let your resume be sweet and simple with all the flavors they opt for.

5. Highlight:

When you’re done with choosing your format of resume and text and completed it. Pick up the most relevant info that the recruiter should know about you and place it on the top of the resume so that it could be easily identified. The order of the information must be from most relevant at the top to least relevant to the bottom. This information should contain your education, certificates, professional experience, and knowledge of multilevel languages. Highlight and show off wherever necessary.

6. Accomplishments:

resume accomplishments

Yes, you saw it right. Include your accomplishments and achievements in your resume. This gives the recruiter know you are a man of a word but not just any other fake people who claim to have done something but they didn’t for real. Give them a reason to hire you. Your victories show what you are capable of. This builds trust in the employer, our capacity and the passion to work for their company. So, always include them because they are the proof of your hard work all these years. This makes the recruiter interested in you and your capabilities. All they need is a solid reason to hire you. Give them that reason by adding these.

7. Be professional:

professional resume

Be professional because so it should be. Don’t make silly mistakes on your resume. Don’t be careless while building your resume. Check twice or thrice to make sure your resume is free from grammatical mistakes and errors. Use the right spellings and tenses. Use action verbs that take the resume to the next notch. The resume should have a professional look.

These are the 7 resume secrets to land more interviews.

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