After completing the education, today almost every job hunter has a bigger question in mind: what is that one thing that will help them to get an appropriate job. The answer to this question is “Resume”.

Resume tends to create more work for you during hunting a job. The resume is an important document that tells part of your story. When job seekers seek out opportunity they always apply in many different areas of employment that consist of hundreds of different job titles. Thus, customizing the resume will increase the chances of scoring all important initial interviews.

If you want to create an impression on your prospective recruiter, just craft a perfect resume. You can also  seek professional help for creating a perfect resume The professionals and guidelines help to format everything by offering Key Phrases with more that 100 resume styles and format.

 Here are the 3 main reasons why you need to customize your resume:

A well-crafted resume speaks to a specific situation:

Every job posting today receives an average of 250 posts on a daily basis. In such a situation your resume needs an important differentiator. As a deluge of resume almost every recruiter spends an average of 7-8 seconds to scan your resume.

90% of candidates who are rejected actually have qualifications, but due to the burden of resume, some of these are buried in the standard of work. The reader will be actually impressed if you display technical knowledge in your resume. The potential employers should be impressed that this applicant knows how to conduct themselves in the business environment and has extensive knowledge of the subject.

Demonstrate genuine interest in the opportunity:

As per the recent reports, today people just hit the apply button for any job profile without reading the guidelines.  Employers are actually fed up with these types of nuisance spammers. By spending some time on updating your resume for this employer’s opportunity, you will clearly demonstrate the interest. Employers always want to see clear evidence that the applicant is actually interested in this profile. They are not looking for spammers that hit the apply button without even knowing the details.

Emphasize your strength:

Most of the candidates today only carry one resume. But in the case of responding to a job, you must at least carry three base resumes. One that is based on qualifications and personal experience, second that is oriented chronologically and third is functional resume. A combination of these two can prove to be a boon.

Use, resume builder to prepare these generic resumes. Remove the struggle and hassle of figuring out now what should be the CV format, resume style, and resume template and many other similar questions. The professionals and guidelines help to format everything by offering Key Phrases with more that 100 resume styles and format. Just visit and be an owner of a good resume that will act as a passport for your job.



CVDragon is an online platform that helps you create your resume quickly and professionally. It removes the hassle and struggle of figuring out what to include and how to format everything by offering "Key Phrases" written by experts and more than 50 resume formats and styles.

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