Video interview for a job is commonly increasing day by day in the hiring process. There are several forms of this interview. If you have one upcoming video interview it is a good time to understand all the variables and make the most of this chance. With this article we will let you know of every detail you should take care of during the interview. 

Before we get into the details, let me clear one thing that whether it be a video interview, call interview, or in-person interview the content is always the same.

Types of Video Interviews:-

There can be mainly 3 types of video interviews namely:-

1. Office video interview for a job:

Basically, when you arrive for the interview you will be escorted to a room with all the necessary equipment you will need for a video interview. 

The person who escorted you to the room, asks the person to help you set up the equipment and make sure everything is perfect before the person leaves the room. You can also ask the person how you can contact them if any problem arises during the whole interview session. 

2. Remote video interview for a job:

Sometimes the video interview doesn’t happen inside the office. Now, in such a case you will have to be responsible to search for a good professional location with noise-free background, a good internet connection, and a webcam. 

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Things you will need are;

  • Good internet with a minimum speed of 1mbps. 
  • A laptop or desktop with a good quality camera. Even a tab or smartphone will work, but place it instead of holding it. 
  • Headphone and a microphone, or a built-in microphone in headphones. 
  • A private yet professional place with no noise and disturbance. 
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3. Live video interviews and pre-recorded video interview: 

Some video interviews are live or direct interviews, there you will have to join the video meeting with a meeting link sent by the employers. It can be google meet, skype, or any other video meet source. Once you click the link you will be redirected to the video meet page where you can join the meet to connect to your employers. 

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What do you need to keep in mind during live video interviews?

  • Use a professional username to join the meet, i.e. your full name.
  • Don’t be late, in most cases, you will be pre-informed about the meeting or you will be given a time, be online at that time so you can join as soon as possible. 
  • Set up the whole meeting necessities beforehand

 Some employers use pre-recorded video interviews for a job interview. In this format, unlike the live interview, you will be instructed by the employer about how to join the interview. Instead of an in-person interview, you will be redirected to a page where all the interview questions will be pre-recorded to answer by you. You will also similarly record all your answers there, and then the employer will review them later. 

What do you need to keep in mind during recorded video interviews?

  • There can be a time limit to record and answer your question. 
  • They may give you only one chance for each answer.
  • Even in pre-recorded sessions try to avoid noisy places.

Whether it’s a pre-recorded session or a live interview session, keep every work aside and focus on the interview, else your distraction can be felt by your tone.

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Common Questions before a job interview:-

There are certain questions that come into our mind before each interview, like;

a. What should we wear?

Our presentable look and dress-up also say a lot about our personality, during interviews looking professional is the ultimate goal, so avoid casual or party wears. 

Resume review

b. Body language? 

What we wear and what we say is all-important, but not as important as our body language during interviews. While having a conversation with an employer, our body language and voice tone should always be good and professional. Especially our gestures towards the employer and eye contact. 

c. Where to set up? 

The most important question probably. Not everyone has a personal room to sit and set up for video interviews. But the fact is that you must have a peaceful and professional corner to attend the interview. Now, if possible search for a good place or ask your family members to cooperate with you till the time the interview is going on. 

Don’t panic, even if you have never done something like this and it is your first time. Follow the steps and excel your interview with these video interview tips. 


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