Interacting with different people to exchange information so as to develop social or professional contacts is known as networking. And LinkedIn is the world’s largest platform for social and professional networking, with more than 740 million members in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. LinkedIn networking is vital for job searches, career development, professional associations, and so on. 

LinkedIn is all about networking and making connections from individuals you know personally to individuals you want to know. In order to grow your career, you will have to make connections in that industry and nowadays no one has to wait for any local networking event, with social media platforms such as LinkedIn you can network remotely. 

Check out these points to learn how you can build a solid network on LinkedIn:

1. Make a profile that can stand out:

The first impression is the last impression and the same goes for online networking. Before you start online networking on LinkedIn make sure you complete your profile properly, there should be no left-out spaces. 

a. Profile photo: Make sure you put a nice professional headshot, leaving the section blank will lead to low interactions. If you don’t have a professional headshot you can also put a good picture with a nice formal outfit. 

b. Headline: Your LinkedIn profile needs to be as professional as your resume. Hence, similar to a resume, you need to add a few lines heading stating your specializations. 

c. Summary: A summary is no different than a headline, it’s just a longer version of your headline. This section shows at the top of your profile, stating all your skills and achievements. You should keep this section brief and easy to read. 

d. Experience: Add experience relevant to your business or career path. Try to use bulleted points. 

e. Recommendations: With this section, you can showcase all your professional recommendations on your profile.

2. Connect with people:

Connecting is very important to grow your relationship with people and to grow your business and career. 

  • As soon as you complete your profile with all the sections, you need to start connecting with people. 
  • When you have 500 plus connections on LinkedIn you appear established in your industry. 
  • Connect to people you want to work with in the future.
  • When you send a connection request you should include a personalized note.
  • Once your request is accepted, start building your connections. 
  • Networking is about connecting with different people, so connect and build relationships.

3. Always post engaging content and be consistent:

Publishing engaging content helps you grow your relationships with all your present audience.

  • Post your own content and show your interest and education in your industry. 
  • Sharing a great article you have read can be a good start for posting. 
  • But if you want to stand out from the crowd create your own content and post. 
  • Publishing articles about your industry will also find more users.
  • Use hashtags for your article to engage with the kind of audience you want to connect with.

4. Join different groups:

Joining different LinkedIn groups will help you connect with more people.

  • If you want someone to notice you and grab your attention the best way is to join different groups. 
  • For example; if you search a keyword related to your industry, you will get thousands of results, joining a few active groups will help you establish your profile among lots of people. 
  • And if you want this to be effective you need to interact. 
  • Be a valuable member of the group, make sure not to annoy people but yet get noticed. 
  • It helps you establish connections not only in your area but globally as well. 


Your professional networking can help in finding your jobs and unlock new chances, so it is very important to build and maintain your professional relationships. 

LinkedIn networking is the best way to connect to different people in your industry globally. We hope this article will make you understand the whole process of networking and how to establish relationships on LinkedIn. Happy Networking!

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