Here are a few cheat codes that will help you make your perfect and clean resume. Below you will find a few pointers that recruiters love to see on a resume. 

Nevertheless, here is a list of the primary points to consider which most recruiters would love to see in your resume. Incorporating these may even consolidate your chances of getting a call for an interview or even being selected.

Roles and Responsibilities: 

You should prepare your resume for the specific job that you apply for. Therefore, it is crucial that you include relevant job titles and responsibilities in your resume for the job you are applying for.

Although you should clarify your previous roles, it is important that your resume is more than just a list of your responsibilities.


Your resume will be scanned so make sure that your resume is consistent and relevant to the job you’re applying for. 

You should be crystal clear about which experiences you are going to emphasize upon in your resume because those show your qualifications for the job you are applying for.


Make sure that you include all the skills that are relevant to the job you are applying for.

Recruiters prefer those whose skills are most relevant to the work you/ applicants applied for. However, don’t include any and every skill and don’t present yourself to be proficient in all of them. Be judicious.

Results and Achievements: 

Highlight your achievements in previous jobs, if any. Recruiters are most fascinated by the applicants that achieve something that is in regard to the career path of their interest.

If you have given exceptional performance while as a Project Head, for example, then judiciously glorify it.


If the Job requirements include some educational qualifications then make sure that you clearly specify them with the required certificates.

Easy to Read: 

Maintain a clear and consistent format. Use a clear and good looking font and use it consistently.

Highlight by making it bold or use underlining. 

Specify the facts and credentials in a bulleted list or numbered list, rather than long monotonous sentences.

No Inconsistencies: 

The order of the events in your resume should be consistent.

There should not be any gaps in your work experience. Explain everything properly.

Relevant Language: 

Make sure to include important keywords in your resume. This will allow the mind of the reader to create some sort of link between you and the requirements of the role. 

Avoid excessive jargon. Keep in mind that the person reading it may or may not be a technical or industry expert; however, they will surely know what to look out for.

Format and Label: 

Finally, ensure that your resume is formatted such that the recipient would be able to open it easily. No recruiter would like to download new software to view a resume.

Ensure before saving your resume, you should include your name (i.e. Ravi, Mayank- resume, etc.) in the saved title. Also, as a gesture of courtesy, keep your application under 1MB to avoid filling up anyone’s inbox.



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