To build a RESUME we have to focus and think over multiple factors and based on that our RESUME is going to be built. These factors are those psychological factors that become the backbone of your RESUMENow, to make your RESUME stand out from a pile of same, you must put something different that the Recruiters urges to see in RESUMES.

Now, let us concentrate on psychological facts:-

1.ADD QUANTITY TO YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Every company has a tendency to make more profit. So, they would rather choose a raw material that already has the contents required rather than an empty raw-material with no contents. Similarly, quantify your accomplishments. The better you fill in your accomplishments, the more you become a prized possession to them.

2. BUILD SOCIAL STRENGTH AND PROOF: If you have a strong social network and a professional account online, it will become better for you. See, if you have a strong Facebook, LinkedIn account

Where you have some really strong and good connections, you will be seen as a big deal in the company. Suppose, you have a good and well-renowned blog or a Youtube channel with multiple comments, likes, subscriptions and views etc, you will be seen as a good and high personality with strong connections over others who have nothing as such.

3. ASK EMPLOYERS FOR FEEDBACK: It involves asking someone for a small favour that they are likely to do for you. At the right moment, you can then make a request for a larger favour. It might sound awkward, but it is more likely that someone will agree to do you a bigger favour if they already did a smaller one. You can also do this in the job search. By asking for feedback on your resume or job interview, you’re making a small, reasonable request. If the employer agrees to give you feedback, they are more likely to accept your request for a visit to the office, an internship, or consideration for a future open position.

4. GET ASSOCIATED WITH BIGGER BRANDS: This is a tough part, no big brand would want you to be associated with them until and unless you are of any work for them. So, go get something to do, like work on your passion, do free works for people who are a part of bigger brands. In this way, when you either reach a large public, you might get sponsorship from big brands or you will get good acquaintance with those people who are a part of big brands, thus giving you the position and an upper hand over those normal applicants.

5. TRY ‘SEVEN TIMES’ RULE: The resume is practically your personal advertisement. You should not apply for the same opening several times. That is called spamming. You can, however, keep applying for jobs at the same company whenever you see a relevant opening. 

When a potential employer sees your resume multiple times, they will feel like they know you. ‘personal advertisement’ will be more convincing. This is how this trick of psychology works. This makes the Recruiter think that you are known to them, thus giving you a good chance to get hired.


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