In order to apply for any job position, the first prerequisite is a classic professional resume. Perhaps you might have made a resume, or maybe you would be wondering about how to make one by going through a few resumes of your friends, referring books, looking at ideas on the internet. 

Have you heard of online resume builders?

You might be wondering whether and how online resume builders come of help. You might have some apprehension, owing to your bias towards written resumes.

Here are a few ways in which online resume builders can help you. Maybe, some of these points may dispel some of your myths and prejudices. 

1. Professional Resume Templates: 

Online Resume builders give you a large variety of professional resume templates. You can use these templates for much better-looking resumes, those can please the recruiters. These templates are also formal looking, and so you do not need to panic about their presentation. Moreover, making these templates becomes difficult if you do it by yourself on MS Word or Paper. Online resume builders let you use them by having let you fill your details in relevant places. This makes long tasks much shorter and you can save a lot of time.     

2. Tips From Recruiters: 

While making resumes one could feel on how better it would have been if the potential recruiter could dictate what he would like to see in the resume, during the actual process of building a resume. Online resume builders, although, cannot make this fantasy come true, but it provides a much more viable alternative. These builders can provide guidance about how to write a good resume. This guidance is not given arbitrarily. Most of these online resume builders interview various recruiters and give guidance based on such interviews. Thus, there is always a sense of reliability involved in such guidance. 

3. Edit Your Resume As You Like:

Sometimes you would feel that your resume needs a “You” touch. Personalizing your resume becomes an apprehension considering the use of online resume builders, as you would not be able to personalize your resume as you wish. On the contrary to the popular belief, you can get a variety of ways in which you will be able to personalize your resume while using online resume builders. While using online resume builders, you can easily customize the template, font, etc. Whether you want to change the color of the template, or you want to use another font, you are free to do so. If you think that what if the customization could actually lead to your dejection, don’t worry. The freedom of customization is coupled with professional guidance so that your customization is well within the limits of professionalism and formality. 

4. Cover Letter and Resume Builder: 

Most people think that you cannot make a cover letter on an online resume builder. This is certainly not true. Along with a grand resume, you can also make a grand cover letter. This ensures that there is uniformity between the two elements. Moreover, you can use the same template for both resume and cover letter. This allows you to write a grand resume and a grand cover letter. This creates an all-round impact on the recruiters. You should not let go of any such opportunity that can let you impress the recruiters in any and every way possible, even without being physically present before them. 

So you found some benefits of online resume builders. Now you might be confused as to which online resume builder you should choose for writing your resume and cover letter. cvDragon is a strong contender for your consideration. cvDragon is a free online resume builder.  It allows you to choose from a large variety of resume templates. It also provides professional guidance for making resumes. You should definitely check out cvDragon.


  • Generally, people are apprehensive about online resume builders. They have their own doubts and myths. This article gives a list of the benefits of online resume builders. 
  • Professional resume templates to choose from
  • Tips from recruiters
  • Edit your resume as you like
  • Cover letter and resume maker.




CVDragon is an online platform that helps you create your resume quickly and professionally. It removes the hassle and struggle of figuring out what to include and how to format everything by offering "Key Phrases" written by experts and more than 50 resume formats and styles.

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