Carrying a creative resume for an interview is very important nowadays. You must create something that is really eye catching and shows off your skills to stand out in the crowd. Let’s discuss how a creative resume will help you to land a perfect job? Here are some helpful tips to guide you, for creating an attractive resume.

As we all know that almost all resumes contain common elements including candidate’s name, contact details, qualification, previous work experience, we should know the main purpose behind this. It is to demonstrate your skills and accomplishments. Therefore, the content is the most important aspect of your resume. Without compelling, quantified information, the reader will not invest time and energy in your resume before moving to the next candidate.

Have a look on the Do’s and Don’ts of a Creative Resume.

1. Looks of your resume to the reader:

  • First of all, Page layout is crucial.
  • Are the margins all right?
  • Will the font appear correctly for the readers?
  • Do the hyperlinks work? No one knows how the other person is going to view your resume.

Make sure you control what and how the reader will see it.

2. Should contain all necessary information:

No matter how creative your resume looks without proper information the resume is not of any worth. It is must to add all the vital and necessary information to allow the reader to determine if you are capable of attending the interview.

3. The quality of content must be excellent:

Quality of the content is the king in your resume. With a creative resume full of pretty images you may become eligible for the job but if the required content isn’t there, no creativity is going to get you to the interview table.

4. Present your true image in the Resume:

Don’t be fake; be genuine and true to yourself. Your resume needs to reflect who you actually are; it needs to be authentic. Being fake or trying to present as someone you are not, will bring a poor impression. Your resume should reflect your skills, expertise, and personality. However, if a more traditional resume better reflects who you are confident in sticking with tradition.


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