Hey there! So now, you are ready to apply for your dream job. Your qualifications are apt, your work experience is tremendous, and your achievements are awesome. In short, your credentials can take you to your dream workplace. But hold on, what about your resume. Is it mighty enough to wield your credentials and present them in a grand fashion before recruiters? Is it the mighty Thor that will wield your credentials as Mjolnir and leave behind other candidates?

 The resume is the first warrior in your battle to get your dream job. This warrior must be the most prepared, but generally, people tend to ignore this silent knight. If you were also going to be one of them, then you are at the right destination, because here you will find five signature signs of a winning resume. Keep this list as a checklist. Whatever is not there, just include it for a magnificent resume.

  1. Proper structure: A good resume is structured; a great resume is properly structured. Your resume must have a proper structure. There should not be any loose words, any crass language, any haywire sections, etc. A winning resume will attract the reader’s eyes to the best parts. It shows the organized behavior of the applicant. Lack of proper structure shows an applicant with a distractive mindset.
  2. Simple yet elegant vocabulary: A bad resume is like an “exasperating farrago of agathokakological facts from a Panglossian person with the habit of floccinocinihilipilifying anyone in front of him”. A great resume is like a pleasant presentation of credentials from a responsible person with the habit of respecting anyone in front of him. Repeated use of fancy words shows that you are unrealistic. Make sure that your resume has a simple yet elegant vocabulary.
  3. Presentation: A bad resume may be too much appearance concerned, which might not please the recruiters. A great resume should be decent in a presentation. However, this does not mean that presentation does not matter at all. A decent, beautiful, neat, and clean resume will surely attract the recruiters to the applicant. You can highlight some parts by making them bold or italicizing them or even underlining them. Ensure such a presentation that anyone would enjoy reading it. If your resume is handwritten, avoid scribbling or strikethroughs. A good-looking resume shows an applicant who is decent in his work.
  4. Proper specification of credentials: Your credentials are what actually you can give to the recruiters. Make sure that you specify them properly. Use proper list format rather than using line format, example : 
    • “Secured 95% in Class X
    • Secured 94.6% in Class XII
    • Secured 7.3 CGPA in B.Tech” 
    • This is much more clear and expressive than ”Secured 95% in Class X, 94.6% in Class XII, and 7.3 CGPA in B. tech”

Also, make sure that you specify the credentials as true as possible. Don’t go overboard or underboard. Writing “Won 1st prize in XYZ coding championship” is better than “Won something in XYZ coding championship” or “Won 1st prize against professionals in the toughest of the town XYZ coding championship”

5. Professional: Your resume must be as professional as possible. Refrain from using informal or crass language “bloody hell”, “IDK”, etc. Avoid using xDs. Avoid using TOO MANY CAPITAL LETTERS. Don’t use fancy designs or fonts. Make your resume look professional. Apart from these, there are many other unprofessional elements too which you must avoid. We at cvDragon can help you out. cvDragon is the best resume making site. We give resume formats for experienced as well as for freshers. cvDragon also has provides with CV’s and resumes for a variety of needs, like a resume for an internship, resume for a part-time job, etc. We provide you with ideas about how to write a professional resume. Make sure to visit cvDragon for a grand resume.

Therefore, these are some signs of a winning resume. Include whatever signs lack in your resume, and you might be getting a call for an interview.


There are traits of a winning resume. The resume should be strong enough to present the credentials in a grand fashion. These are some of the common traits of winning resume:

  • Proper structure
  • Simple yet elegant vocabulary
  • Proper presentation
  • Proper specification of credentials
  • Professional overview.

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