A well-written work experience on a resume reflects your potential you can bring to an organization. Besides your qualifications, showing that you have the experience; skills and knowledge to offer your employer can be a plus point for you. 

Writing a proper resume is a must while applying for a job, as this is the first parameter based on which you will be judged. 

In this article we will be covering all the necessary details related to the topic, like; 

  1. What is resume work experience?
  2. What to include under the work experience section?
  3. How to list down the points in your resume?
  4. How far and back can you go?
  5. What kind of work experience goes under this section?

What is resume work experience?

A ‘Work experience’ section is also called a ‘work history’ section, on a resume. The goal of the work experience section is to show your prospective employer that you have the capabilities to fulfill the demand of the work responsibilities, the organization can ask for. 

Besides, any employer prefers experienced candidates over a non or less experienced one.

What to include under the work experience section?

We can include all the works we did in the past or we are doing, still certain things can be confusing, like;

  1. How to format work experience?
  2. Is it necessary to add dates? And,
  3. What if you are a fresher and you do not have any experience?

So here is the clearance to all your queries:

1. How to format work experience?

It is recommended to list 3 to 5 points as an example under each position in a standard resume format. Each bullet point should be a complete sentence of about one line.

2. Is it necessary to add date?

Yes, you should mention the starting and ending dates for each employer listed in the work history section. It’s good if you show both months and years, else if you decide to show only years, the hiring manager may wonder why you aren’t providing more detail. Once you decide a format, stick to it and stay consistent throughout the CV. 

3. What if you are a fresher and you don’t have any experience?

    In that case, you can list any volunteer, scholastic, or community experience you have. Be specific about your participation and your accomplishments. 

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    How to list down the points in your resume?

    While listing your work experience you should consider some points, like;

    • Add the job description on the first page, on the top.
    • Include only relevant and limited details. Don’t mention any irrelevant experiences. 
    • Start with the company and job title and end with the job description. 
    • Highlight the knowledge you gained in your past works.
    • Do not use abbreviations, for example: Instead of writing “BDE” write “Business Development Executive”
    • Give more emphasis on your recent work experiences.
    • Include at least three bulleted items under each job experience, showing the most relevant duties first.
    • Make it easily readable.


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    How far and back can we go?

    While writing a resume some factors do matter a lot, and one of them is ‘How many years of work history should you include?’. 

    Well! A standard chronological resume detailing the past 10 to 15 years of work history is recommendable. You should include more examples from the recent ones and fewer from the old ones.

    For the jobs held before 15 years, mentioning only the job title, employer, and location will be enough. 

    Tip~ If you are a fresher and have just graduated, put your work experience section below your education section. Even if you have any volunteer experience. 

    What kind of work experience goes under this section?

    Every work you have done so far will be considered under this section, you can mention all your relevant and worth mentioning work experiences. 

    Even temporary work can be treated in the same way as other work histories. List the organization as the employer with the location and the dates of employment. Use an appropriate title, such as “Inventory Clerk,” “Administrative Support,” or other general position titles.

    Being a fresher you can mention the volunteer and community experience you have. 


    You can conclude that mentioning the work experience on a resume is the best way to sell yourself to the hiring manager. As on the basis of your experience they will decide upon your candidature.

    The process of gaining experience may seem a bit frustrating and boring but once it will land you to your dream job, it will all be worth it. 

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