You must be thinking, do you even need to read this article to get an answer to such a simple question.

This is one of the most common yet confusing questions, “Walk me through your resume”. Some candidates babble the things they have written in the CV, which ultimately wastes the interviewer’s time as well as your time too. 

If the interviewer wants a verbal resume, he will ask you to send an audio or video recording, not a document. So repeating the same thing verbally what’s already there in the document is not an answer to the question “walk me through your resume”

So what can be the right answer to this question? No need to worry about this anymore, you are in a safe zone. Till the end of this article you will be ready to answer this question like never before. 

Firstly, what is a resume?

A resume or CV(curriculum vitae) is a document that you carry to every job interview. It holds all the necessary information, like; your details, skills, achievements, education details, experience, and so on.

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Why does this question ‘walk me through your resume?

When the employer asks this question, they want to know more about you and your achievements.

  • No document can explain you better than you by yourself. 
  • They judge you as a person by the things you explain to them, to assess if you are a good cultural fit for the company. 
  • They also assess how well comprehensive, yet focused response you can give to a tricky question. 
  • They want to know whether you know what information is essential to communicate. 

Tip~ Practice this question at home and try to research the best relevant answers to this question for your reference.

Is this the actual question?

When the recruiter asks you this question “walk me through your resume” they are asking you about all the past experiences you had which shaped you into what you are today, to fit the job profile you are applying for. 

They want to know what you have learned, observed and understood from your past jobs. You can pitch yourself by answering the question, for which you need to stick to one job after the other. 

But you should mention just the key phrases, as you will not get more than 2 to 3 minutes to explain. 

A reference example of how you can answer this question “walk me through your resume”:


I graduated from IIT Madras with a degree in software engineering, which I was clear from school time. I interned at ‘Go Games’ as I grew up on every GTA version I got in my hands and given my interest in gaming mechanisms and graphics, I wanted to start my career with a personal connection.

I understood two key factors there. Firstly, I was in love with the creative and dynamic environment of game development. Secondly, having a history with specific gaming titles helped me understand both what gamers expect and their better experience.

This in turn lets me focus on creating an even better gaming experience for game lovers. Those lessons ultimately led me to Activision who I appreciate through titles like ‘Need for Speed’ or ‘Battlefield’. This helped me to not only incorporate what I learnt but also polished my skills to the next level in PvP gaming scenarios. 


  • Keep the answer short and precise, remember you have to finish it within a few minutes.
  • Use key points while answering questions and keep them relevant to the job role.
  • Show the recruiters how the past jobs have prepared you, with a positive impact.
  • Do not fumble while answering, it may make you look less confident and unsure. 


No matter how you think of it, but this question “walk me through your resume” is more about what you can bring to the potential employer. It is the time you can sell yourself to the employer, impress the interviewer with your confidence and fluency. You should mention everything within the limited time frame to prove yourself the best fit for the company. 

You can be best prepared for the answer if you try and can hit a boundary. 


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