In short, no — references don’t belong on a resume. The space on your resume is effective land, so don’t waste it by adding information that 99.9% of employers don’t require upfront. Instead, you ought to use this space for a further resume skills section, a resume introduction, or more accomplishments for resume bullet points. Including these details are going to be far more enticing to employers than an inventory of names and phone numbers.

References don’t belong on a resume, period.

In most cases, references aren’t requested until after the ultimate in-person interview or near the top of the hiring process. HR departments don’t have time to contact every candidate’s list of references; it’s far more efficient for them to attend until they need to be narrowed down the candidate pool to 2–3 final applicants. So, if you reach now within the hiring process and therefore the manager asks you to supply an inventory of references, then what’s the simplest thanks to present them?


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