It is not possible for every company to call and personally check each and every applicant. There are a few job vacancies and hundreds of applicants have applied for those few vacancies. There is no time to interview each and every applicant. This is where resumes come into play. If you are well aware of good resume tips then you can easily land the job.

Resume over here is just like your boarding pass for the next round. Certain resumes that are suitable and match the job description are selected.

Let us discuss why this resume is just so important for the HIRING PROCESS:-


When you are applying for a job, you are not going to write a resume for someone else, will you? No! Absolutely not. You will be focusing on your own resume and try to make it better than others. You will make the resume in such a way that it is going to reflect your personality and work experiences. Thus, representing yourself in front of the Recruiters.


Your resume should be representing you. Now, also there is time and space factor in the resume, that will demand not to exceed the limit. So, to show your actual worth you have to be more specific about your achievements, experiences, projects training, etc. Thus, giving more information in minimum words.


 Time is one of the biggest factors in the entire universe. Therefore, no one has time to look at a large group of persons and spend minutes-after-minutes interviewing them just for a few seats. Here comes the role of resume. The resume that contains just the thing that a particular job post requires gets selected immediately. The rest of the unworthy resumes are now even cared for. Therefore, saving time, taking seconds to scan through the resume rather than interviewing a person


 Look, neither of us wants to repeat the same words unnecessarily days-after-days. Nor the Recruiters have so much time for asking any applicant or employed freshly. Rather, you can use your resume to send them information. The same is the case for recruiters. Rather than asking anyone then you can give a look to your image through your resume.


 You might not be a very good speaker but, you are good at other work or skills. Now, you have applied for the job that requires your skill more. Now by creating a good and qualified resume, you can at least manage to get selected for the next selection round, giving more time for working on your undeveloped skill like speaking skills rather than running here-and-there looking for a job elsewhere.


It is rather easy to send a resume to the destined address rather than transporting yourself there. It is quite cheap sending your resume by post to the given address and fast also. Also, in today’s time, it hardly takes a few seconds and a few megabytes to email your resume, sending it online to the given email address. Now, is it not so impressive to have a resume to send and get shortlisted with minimum or no cost rather than transporting ourselves and getting no job and returning back again.



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