This question is one of the most common ones is an interview and also one of the most confusing one. Some people go on babbling about the very thing that they wrote on their resume which bore not only the candidate but the recruiter as well. You might be thinking, you wrote everything that you’ve done and achieved on that document, how could you possibly simplify that even more or what else could that question mean but in honesty the question is not that straightforward. When a recruiter asks you this question the question they are actually asking you is, how have your experiences in the past shaped you to the person that we should see fit to be hired. They want to hear what you learned, observed, and understood from those jobs. They are basically giving you a chance to pitch yourself to the company.

While answering the question you need not stick to one job after the other you could connect them and show them your web of growth and development but keep in mind to share only the key points, you will not have the time to say everything and they’ll lose interest that way.

A nice way to end this question would be to make a thread out of your web to tell them how and what exactly led you to apply for the job at this interview.


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