In today’s era, creating a professional resume is important for an illustrious career. A Resume or CV is a mandatory prerequisite for the interview selection process.
As jobs become scarce and competition increases, it’s the need of the hour to use online Resume Builders for CV making.
To clarify, a candidate should save time for applying to jobs than on making their Resumes.

This underscores the significance of quality online resume builders.

An online resume builder offers numerous advantages, with its user-friendly interface and customizable templates. It streamlines the presentation of vital information, ensuring your qualifications stand out effectively in the competitive job market.
As a result, it is advisable to build your CV online with a Resume Builder.

Build your CV with online Resume Builders and start applying to jobs

However, if you’re wondering which one to use, consult the article given below:

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5 Benefits of Using Online Resume Builders

#1: Access to professional CV making Tools and Software

This is the primary USP of any online Resume Builder that you’ve been using so far. To clarify, you just have to sign up or log on to the site or app and you get access to the all-in-one Resume Builder.
Moreover, you can create your professional CV in minutes, and that too without any hassle.

Further, the tools are pre-equipped with required headings and CV Sections that bring your CV to the limelight. The process of CV-making is so streamlined and simplified that anyone can make them.

Lastly, a Resume Builder might be a website for which you need to be present online. However, some even provide an app or software that you can download to work offline as well.
As a result, it would not be wrong to say that online Resume Builders are the perfect partners to make your CV.

Curriculum Vitae: Create your CV with online Resume Builders and bring your CV to the lime-light

On the other hand, they also flag any unnecessary information and rectify mistakes on your CV.
That is to say, including vital information is essential to add value to your CV.

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#2: Plenty of Choices when it comes to the Resume Format

First and foremost, resume-making is for everyone, a Fresher, someone with Experience, a Career Changer, or someone with employment gaps. A good online Resume Builder meets the requirements of every profile.

From chronological to functional, hybrid, or targeted resumes, each format offers unique benefits tailored to different career stages and objectives.

Chronological resumes highlight your work history in reverse chronological order, ideal for showcasing steady career progression.
Functional resumes focus on skills and accomplishments, perfect for career changers or those with employment gaps.
Functional resumes focus on skills and accomplishments, perfect for career changers or those with employment gaps.
Hybrid resumes blend elements of both, offering flexibility and customization.
Targeted resumes are tailored to specific job roles, emphasizing relevant experience and qualifications.

This alignment change of CV sections depends on what’s relevant for Freshers or someone with Experience.

The most convenient part about using Resume Builders is that you can switch formats instantly. In addition to this, when you download your Resume, the details appear in the format chosen by you.
That is to say, it removes the hassles of arranging and pondering over what sections to omit from the resume.

In the present Internet Age, several Resume Builders take care of your Resume Formatting and allow you to focus on other things instead like your Interview preparation.

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#3: Customizable Templates and Styles for the Resume Design 

Certainly, to improve the look and appearance of your Resume, use online Resume Builders. The free utilities provide many customization options to enhance it to your liking.

For instance, cvDragon comes with 200+ ATS-compliant design templates and styles. After choosing your design, you can change the colors and font of your Resume as well.
Additionally, there are provisions to add premium backgrounds or graphics to your Resume.

Online Resume Builders provide many customizable templates and styles to improve the appearance of your CV

Therefore, making an attractive CV is now possible thanks to the convenience of Resume Builders. Moreover, you can even see a live preview of how your CV appears.
After that, you can switch, change, and alter the design of your Resume further.

You can take it a step further, by availing the services of a Professional Resume Writer. cvDragon comes with a host of premium services including ‘Proofreading‘ where our Experts help you structure your CV and eliminate errors.

#4: Samples and Tips to guide you in every step of CV-making

Most online Resume Builders provide lots of samples and tips for your convenience. Additionally, some provide suggestions and reviews to give you a fair idea about creating a professional Resume.
As an applicant, check them out and imbibe the necessary changes on your resume. In addition to this, you can browse downloadable CVs of other applicants and take hints from them.

Online Resume Builders give you access to downloadable CVs of others and guide your CV making journey

Likewise, cvDragon is there to support you in your career journey. With Articles, FAQs, dos and don’ts, Samples, Tips, and a repository of 50,000+ key phrases, make your Resume shine with cvDragon.
To ensure that employers notice your CV, make sure to include these sections on your CV:

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Meanwhile, to get started, you should start making your CV first. From there, follow this link for optimizing keywords on your Resume.
Later, browse the article below to make your thin Resume look more compact.

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#5: Available 24*7 round the clock for any time use

Resume Builders are like your CV’s best friends and are always present whenever you need them. A good Resume Builder fulfills the promise of making your CV ornate and attracts the attention of potential employers.

Whether you’re scrambling to meet a last-minute deadline or aiming to fulfill a crucial requirement, resume builders are your go-to solution. Moreover, as the significance of resumes continues to grow in the coming decades, we can expect resume builders to evolve accordingly.

As a ready-to-use facility, most CV Builders are free and don’t charge anything explicitly. However, there are premium services you can afford if you like the quality and want to improve your CV further.

Above all, Resume Builders don’t keep you on your toes. They take the responsibility of making your Resume and deliver it accordingly.
Many allow you to even make a Cover Letter that accompanies your CV like a Knight with a shield.

So, you must start using them soon and improve gradually afterward.


To sum up, a professional resume is integral to embarking upon an illustrious career.
However, as jobs become scarce and competition increases, one must use online Resume Builders for CV makingTo clarify, a candidate needs to save time for applying to jobs than on making their Resumes.
This is why, the importance of a good online Resume Builder should be reiterated.

Certainly, a good Resume Builder provides many benefits. For instance, it displays your Achievements, Skills, and Certifications at a glance for employers.
As a result, it is advisable to build your CV online with Resume BuildersMoreover, a Resume or CV is a prerequisite for the interview selection process.

Therefore, create your CV first without any further thought. Use cvDragon, the AI-enabled Resume Builder for both CV making and interview preparation.


CVDragon is an online platform that helps you create your resume quickly and professionally. It removes the hassle and struggle of figuring out what to include and how to format everything by offering "Key Phrases" written by experts and more than 50 resume formats and styles.

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