How to stop being nervous during a job interview?

Nervousness is very common during job interviews, especially when you have freshly graduated. More importantly, nervousness can cost you the job you are looking for. To avoid getting nervous, attempt mock interviews. Ask any experienced person to help. Look for the strong points in your resume & job application, and build upon them. Identify the weak points and stabilize them. Practice your speaking skills in front of a mirror. Lastly, make sure to practice as much as you

What do recruiters look for in a resume at first glance?

At first glance, experienced recruiters can form a fairly accurate image of the applicant. This first image can give you an edge in the competition or thrust you backward. These recruiters look for some general things. First are the heights of exaggeration. Huge exaggerations can be easily spotted in any resume. Inconsistencies between different elements give an impression of a lying applicant. Finally, grammatical mistakes, typographical errors, etc. indicate a careless candidate. In either of these cases, you may get rejected.

What are the top skills to be added to the CV?

The top skills that can be added in a CV depending on the job for which the resume is being sent. If your job is that of a Computer Engineer, then your skills should include problem identifying and solving, Creativity, etc. However, if you are applying for HR, your skills must include communication skills, analyzing another person, etc.

What is the difference between a resume and an application?

A resume is a paper in which you give your details, credentials, etc. It gives you what are your qualifications. An application is a paper in which you present yourself as a candidate for the job. This is where you can exhibit your linguistic capabilities. It gives you what is your aptitude for the job.

What if my name is hard to pronounce or it fails to clarify my gender?

If your name is hard to pronounce, like for example “Kritrisha”, etc., then it may become a minor issue during the interview. The interview board may find it a bit demanding to say your name. However, if your name does not clarify your gender, like for example “Chandu Vamshi” or if your name is generally used for the other gender, like forex. you are a male with the name “Suman”, then it would not create much of an issue, as you would also specify your gender directly in your resume and indirectly in your application.

Can I put on my resume that I speak Russian, German, and Afrikaans, or is it pointless? I am a native English speaker?

If you are a native English speaker and if you are actually proficient in Russian, German, Afrikaans, or for that matter, any language, then you can specify your resume. It will be counted as your soft skills and can give you some edge over others. However, you must be proficient in the language you specify in the resume.


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