Leisure time always calls for something productive, and indulging ourselves in different hobbies and interests is the best way to utilize leisure time. Whether it be personal or professional, hobbies always help in personal growth and development.

Talking about the development, not only career-oriented but every kind of hobby helps in your development. Different activities impact you differently, some physically and some mentally. Both play a vital role in professional development. 

We often confuse ourselves thinking hobbies and interests are something one undertakes in their convenient time for relaxation and pleasure only.

But factually it helps in our professional development too.

Thinking how? 

Here we listed 7 ways how your hobbies can help you create your own personal brand and bring out your creativity:-

1. Personal hobbies help you dig into your creative side:

Painting, writing, crafting, dancing, or any other field, these hobbies demand a creative mind.

These interests help us achieve the creative thinking that every professional career will demand at some point in our life. 

Organizations and companies always search for individuals who can come up with different and innovative ideas at the needful times. And a creative mind always houses different and innovative ideas. 

Besides the fact that every job demands innovation and creativity at some point, there are some jobs which value you based on your creative and innovative ideas. Like;

  • Video game designer.
  • Graphic designer.
  • Social media manager.
  • Copywriter.
  • Public relations manager.
  • Digital marketer.
  • Lawyer.
  • Research scientists, etc.

2. Improves your sportsman spirit:

This is a fact that ‘no man has ever succeeded without failure’. We all face failure in our personal life as well as in our professional life.

Sometimes we even fail in our hobbies and interests, but that never stops us from continuing it, rather we tweak the strategies every second time, for better performances. 

And this always helps us professionally, as it increases our strength to accept failure and make a better comeback.  

3. Develops your team spirit:

You may feel that working solo is always easy. Being your own boss, sounds good right! 

But when working for organizations, at some point you may have to work with teams, and bonding with your team is the most integral part of teamwork. 

You can plan different team bonding exercises or games to help your team know each other better, this will conclude to good teamwork. 

Having a hobby will grow your interest in the activities, plus you can plan different ways and ideas to perform the activities. 

hobbies for connection

4. Makes you patient and calm:

No matter what you are, a teacher, doctor, engineer, or an architect sometimes in your career you can lose your cool. 

And here comes your hobby as your savior! 

A hobby is something that helps maintain our peace of mind and makes us patient.

Like; if it comes to cooking we need to be patient to find the right recipe, collect all the ingredients, and for all the pre-cooking processes.

This quality of calmness and patience is slowly injected into us as we grow. 

calm hobbies

5. Gives you an edge over others:

When you go for an interview they will look for something uncommon in you. And stating your hobbies and your passion towards it can grow your chances of hiring. As being passionate about something itself explains your dedication. 

For example –  If two persons with the same qualification are applying for the same job, but the first person has different skills and hobbies, and the other one doesn’t, the recruiter will prefer choosing the first person over the other.

As the person with additional skills and interests can be a better asset to the company. 

 6. Could be one additional earning medium: 

Focusing on your professional career is very important, but that doesn’t mean you can not turn your hobbies into an earning medium.

Turning your hobby in an earning medium will not harm your professional career as long as you run it as a side job.

There are numerous websites nowadays that provide platforms to people to show their talent, you can even approach Youtube. You can even do gigs for different organizations according to your time and comfort. 

Pursuing your hobby as an earning medium alongside your professional job will also give you a break from your mundane routine, which will give you the enthusiasm to work the next day. 

Just make sure to not sideline the importance of your professional job while making space for your hobbies. 

7. A good start for connections:

You might connect to people throughout your career, but that may be only with the ones who have the same career as you. But hobbies help you connect to people from different working areas. 

At some point, the connections you made through your hobbies will help you. 

For example; Ravi is an entrepreneur by profession but he loves painting and he regularly posts his paintings and shares his knowledge about art on his social media pages. He made some friends who share the same interest.

Now at one point, Ravi needed a graphic designer for his company and where else to look but on social media where he was posting his art and assembling connections. 

hobbies for cv


 Surprisingly that’s how hobbies work, you never know how and when it will help you but will do for sure. 


Acquiring new skills is one of the numerous benefits of having hobbies. 

Your hobbies and interests help you unlock some positive aspects of your personality, aspects that you could have never redeemed indulged in your professional career only. 

Hope that this article will help you utilize your hobbies in the best way possible. As they are known to bring immediate benefits to your personal as well as professional life.  

You can use the Interest section on your resume to highlight your hobbies and show your recruiter all the additional benefits you can provide to the organization.


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