A clean and minimalistic resume is all the rage these days. It portrays simplicity, sophistication and gives the impression that the candidate has a lot to offer this, writes only what is necessary.

A clean and minimal resume uses whitespace in correct proportion, i.e. uses margins, proper distancing amongst sections, etc. Such a resume does not have too many pictures or designs other than the basics such as tables or bullets.

If you are not sure how to design such a resume yourself, you can use resume making services, tell them what you wish your resume looks like and they will design it for you. One such site to check out is https://cvdragon.com/  where you can find trendy and minimalistic resumes tailored specially for your needs.


CVDragon is an online platform that helps you create your resume quickly and professionally. It removes the hassle and struggle of figuring out what to include and how to format everything by offering "Key Phrases" written by experts and more than 50 resume formats and styles.

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