Format, fonts, design, sections, proofreading – all play an important role while writing a resume. Now,  the question arises that,

  • Why do we need a good resume?
  • Is it really worth the efforts put in?
  • or is it just the hype? 

Here is a compiled list of benefits of a good resume that can certainly clear your doubts. 

Edge over competitors:

A good resume can get you an edge over your competitors. Generally, recruiters get a large no. of resumes for any vacancy. Not all applicants have great software skills to produce a unique professional resume. In such a case, your good resume can automatically give you an edge over such competitors. 

This “edge” gets critical for posts where there is a huge competition. In such cases, any and every support becomes helpful. A good resume can give you all the support that you require. After all, your aim is to defeat all the competition and land yourself a job you would love to do. A good resume can help you in this pursuit.

A good image in the eyes of the recruiter: 

A good resume makes a good image of the applicant in the eyes of the recruiters. Mostly, recruiters do not personally know the applicants. So, resumes build the first impression in their eyes. 

If this impression is good, it can win you preference during the interview stages. However,  if your resume turns out to be any average resume, then the preference towards another applicant’s better resume might cost you the job. A good resume helps in eliminating such situations. 

Three fourth battle won: 

If you have made a very good resume, your three fourth of the battle is won. This statement might confuse you, as to how a paper with details written can win you a battle against actual people. 

Resumes are first filtered by ATS software. If your resume is good, then you can easily pass the ATS stage. Afterward, recruiters themselves choose the applicants based on the resume. As said earlier, recruiters seldom know the applicants. They only have your resume to assess you. 

If your resume pleases them, then they would call you for an interview. Now, prior to your interview, the panel would read your resume. If it is good, then they will have a good first impression of you. As the saying goes, “The first impression is the last impression”, this good first impression can help you out during the interview, as they would be slightly inclined towards selecting you. 

Thus, your interview would be fairly easy. So, now you can agree that a good resume wins you three fourth of the battle. So, why not build upon something that wins most of your battle.  

Chances of selection: 

As I said earlier, most of the battle can be won by a good resume. Thus, there are good chances of getting selected. 

However, this might confuse one as to why there are still chances that’s not guaranteed. Well, corporate sector jobs are renowned for being as per the whims of the authorities. Even if your resume may win you most of the battle, something during the interview might not please your recruiters as much as you want. 

Worth the efforts put in: 

The rewards of the efforts you put in are truly worth it. Moreover, “there can be nothing certain in the world of as many uncertainties as ours”. Thus, you should try to make the resume as best as possible for better chances, and not for the guarantee of getting the job. 


  • A good resume is essential for a good job. However, people face doubts as to why so much effort must be put in. This article gives a list of the benefits of a good resume. 
  • It can get an edge over the competition.
  • It also makes a good image of the applicant in the eyes of the recruiters
  • One’s three fourth of the battle is won, if one makes a good resume.
  • A good resume might get realistic chances of getting selected.
  • The efforts put in for making a good resume are worth it. 




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