Do you really get a chance to persuade the hiring manager while he reads your resume? On an average, a hiring manager spends 20 seconds to read and decide if you really fit in for the position. So think again, what you present will definitely result in whether or not you will walk ahead with the job the position you have applied for.

A resume reflects one’s true assets and reveals the potential of being an ideal candidate for one’s dream job. Most candidates are confounded with what is CV and Resume; we would like to start off by clearing this air of confusion. CV also Curriculum Vitae is a brief summary of one’s educational qualification and in-depth outline of the previous work experiences, degrees, awards and publications in three-four pages. A resume is a brief of candidate’s career objective, work experiences and education summed up in one-two pages.

We are listing down five tips to make your resume stand out and increase your marketability.

Write a Professional Resume

While writing your resume, you have to keep certain things in mind like matching your resume to the position. You can then proceed with listing your career objective and educational qualification. Make sure you highlight your skills and qualifications that match your applied job position for better visibility.

Resume Format for Fresher and Experience

If you are a fresher, concentrate on writing a concise career objective which will multiply your chances of getting selected. And if you have sufficient amount of work experience, make sure to highlight your work skills that correspond to the job requirement.

Pay attention to resume styles

Resume style not only features your skill sets but also has a scope of arranging your details in an engaging manner. Functional, Chronological and Combination are some of the well-known styles. Also, adding a headline adds a high impact on the hiring managers.

Resume Templates and Samples

Resume templates are a quick and easy way to write impactful resumes and add structure. The key point here is research, look for templates and samples that fit your qualification context.  If you do not have an access to templates, you can check out resumes of eminent candidates on cvDragon and take cues to draft your own. Do not copy and paste content, be confident to create with your own uniqueness.

Online resume making website and service

When all else fails, you can look at resume building websites and services as your last recourse. They are quick, affordable, and easy to access and can be downloaded in an instant. And if you are still not happy with the outcome, you can add your own touch to it.

Apart from all these steps and tips listed, one thing that will polish your masterpiece is editing. Edit your document of all the grammatical and spelling errors, use bullet points to enhance the content as well. These are more effective and easy ways to polish or build your resume.


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