A lie is not a lie if everyone believes it. That may be a lie to yourself when trying to calm your nerves or rationalize an embellishment, but when you’re looking for a job, a lie can leave you unemployed.

First impressions are critical during a job hunt. This first impression is created by your resume. 80% employers spend less than five minutes reviewing a resume, according to a survey. In order to make a strong impression, many applicants feel the need to lie on their resumes.

Most of the prospective employers are highly capable of identifying a lie on a resume, most hiring managers are willing to overlook a lack of qualifications to some degree, but if they find a blatant lie on your resume, kiss your chances goodbye.

3 reasons why you should not lie on your resume


Save yourself the embarrassment

Trying to impress the hiring manager with skills you don’t really have can be embarrassing when the truth comes out, and the truth about skills is often discovered most easily. Sixty-two percent of employers found embellished skill sets on resumes and were embarrassed in front by the employers during the interview because they were not able to prove the skills. If you feel the need to lie about your skill set, it may be time to acquire some new skills.


Prevent yourself from being proved a liar to your previous employer

Having impressive job responsibilities help you feel important. If you were important to your old company, maybe a hiring manager will feel like he needs you. But if you don’t have noteworthy responsibilities on your resume, you shouldn’t simply take the easy route and lie about your responsibilities. Because it is a piece of cake for your prospective employer to cross check it with your previous employers.


Prevent from getting a black mark in the job market

If your hiring manager catch lies in your resume, then even if you resubmit your resume editing the lies your employer will never look back at your resume because they have marked your CV as a resume of a liar. Also, this will be communicated to all prospective employers.

So save your career, stick to the truth.

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