Now, let’s assume that your resume is made, #updated, and is now ready to hand over to the recruiter. As we know that we live in a #digital world, so anyone prefers getting your resume online rather than taking its #hard copy. This is what’s today’s scenario….right?And this becomes the #judging factor for an individual. Now, almost everyone has this question in that mind that -“what’s #smarter-applying a job #online or in a person?”.

I would say…#not exactly. According to me applying in person or applying online, both hold equal #importance. It’s just that you need to keep certain #points in your mind. When you are sending your resume #online, you should make sure that the platform you have used to view your resume, the person you are sending to should also have this platform #available. So here are some points that should be kept in mind whether you apply online or in-person:-

  1. Your profile must have your profile picture – Now, if you have a LinkedIn profile and it has no picture, then it would represent a #missed opportunity for all the persons who are seeking a job. You can make your resume all the more #real and #attracting by putting a #formal picture of yours.
  2. If you are #delivering your resume in person, it shows that you really want the #job – It shows a #strong sign of #interest when you handover your resume in person. It also shows that how #eager and excited you are to this job. This also gives you an #opportunity to meet the recruiter’s face to face and have a talk.
  3. You should #drop-off a personal commitment – Believe me, there is nothing wrong with getting a bit #personal with the recruiters. But, one thing that you should keep in mind is that you should not behave in an #unprofessional way at any point of the time.
  4. You can also #choose both ways – Now, also there is actually nothing wrong if you are deciding to send your resume online, while also sending the hard copy to the person, both of the tasks at the same time. In fact, by doing this, you actually save a lot of your #time. And moreover, this will make your recruiters believe that it is real also you would be able to meet the recruiters face to face. Anyway, you would have to send your resume online, so in this way, you are saving your time and it shows that you are ready to take the position, if  #offered.
  5. You should be #confident – Confidence is the key to success. Well, all of you must have #heard this…Yesss this is #absolutely true. You can win anything with your confidence. Just be sure that when you are meeting the recruiter in person, you do not panic or hesitate. Just let yourself feel #comfortable and be confident.
  6. You should make a list of #companies you want to work for – Now, one more important thing that you should start making a #list of companies where you want to work and keep applying to them.
  7. You should make a list of #people you like – Also, make a list of people whom you like and follow…maybe you can get a chance to work with them.
  8. You should ask for referrals to #job – One smarter way to #get a job is that you can ask someone to refer you.
  9. You should #meet people at industry and at non-profit events where you can #network – Meeting new people in your industry will #increase your connections and more people would come to know you.
  10. You should do #research in the company – You should do complete research on the company before #applying for it.

Now, let me tell you all about what happened to me…as in my #experience. According to me, asking for a job online, or asking for the job in person both are #helpful, and both have equal importance.

So, do not get stuck between these two options. Go and get your job!!!.



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