Things required in a resume are as follows :

  1. Name and contact information : At the top of your resume should go your full name and contact information which includes your contact number and email address.
  1. Summary paragraph : This section should be included right after the contact section. It includes 2-3 lines of a summary of your qualifications, achievements, and work history.
  1. Employment history : This should be visible on the first page of your resume including your job titles, years, and company name.
  1. Skills : This is the next section to be included right below tour employment history. You should include only the skills that are relevant for the job you’re applying for.
  1. Education : Mention the name of your school, the field of study, graduation year. Include your GPA only if it’s on the higher end.
  1. Community involvement (optional) : If you have contributed to any community service, this is where to put it. If there is nothing don’t include this section as it’s completely optional.
  1. Awards/ achievements : If you have ever won any award related to academics or relevant to the job you are applying for, this where you can mention it.


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