Seldom, applicants become anxious when they look for things to carry in an interview. That is to say, an interview preparation is incomplete without these essentials. Most importantly, applicants should not fiddle for them at the last moment.

Therefore, here is a list of items for Things to carry in an Interview and some Things to not carry in an Interview. Above all, the worst thing to avoid before an interview is to find them missing. So, read about them below and prepare yourself accordingly.

Checklist for Things to carry in an Interview:

  • Interview Call Letter and Letter of Appointment
  • Cover Letter (if asked)
  • Self-Declarations (as necessary)
  • Forms and paperwork (as required)
  • Stationary Items like Pens, pencils and scale
  • Notepad/ Notebook
  • Laptop Bag/ Briefcase
  • Channel File/ Folder (transparent)
  • Hard copies of Resume/ CV (minimum 5)
  • Photo ID (Original + Scan Copies)
  • Phone (silenced or switched-off)
  • Documents/ Certificates or Testimonials (Original + Attested Scan Copies)
  • Internship/ Work Experience Certificate (from previous employer)
  • Portfolio
  • Work Samples
  • References list (minimum 5 Copies)
  • Awards and Accomplishments Sheet (1 Copy)
  • Job Application copy (for reference)
  • Job Advertisement (for reference)
  • Breath Mints/ Mouth Fresheners
  • Snacks/ Tiffin (that does not smell or spill)
  • Handkerchief, Tissues
  • Water Bottle(s)
  • Paper Clips
  • Glue/ Celotape
  • Notes (on Interview Q&A, FAQ etc.)

Checklist for Things not to carry in an Interview:

  • Chewing Gum, candies or lollipops
  • Drinks (Coffee or Tea)
  • Hat, Cap and Turban
  • Piercings/ Nail Art and Tattoos
  • Chips or smelly food
  • Cigarette, Tobacco, Beer and Alcohol
  • Shopping bags and plastic cases
  • Paper Chits
  • Food Containers and Lunchbox
  • Lighters, matches or anything flammable
  • Chains, lockets
  • Noisy or flashy accessories like classic watch and muffs etc.


To sum up, preparing for interviews is not easy for most applicants. During an interview, many applicants face interview anxiety so they can reduce some of those troubles with our list of things to carry in an interview.

To clarify once again, keep this list near when preparing for interviews. Certainly, we wish you well for your next interview and hope it will help you overcome such challenges. Moreover, you may also include additional items and include them as required.

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