After interviewing, hiring managers always ask candidates “do you have any questions”? No matter, even if you have nothing to ask you should prepare some questions to ask the hiring manager to show your interest.

The types of questions to ask the hiring manager states a lot about yourself. In this article, we will cover some of the most common yet important questions you can ask a hiring manager in answer to their question, “do you have any questions”?  

Why should we prepare questions to ask the hiring manager after the interview? 

Preparing and asking questions to the interviewers not only stand you apart from other candidates but also makes a good impression on the hiring manager, it makes you look interested in the interview. 

Asking questions also clear all your doubt clouds once and for all. 

Questions to ask the hiring manager:-

Mentioned below are 10 example questions that you can ask the hiring managers:-

1. What is the purpose of the position?

Knowing the purpose of the position will help you understand the working condition of you in the company. And it will also give an overall understanding of your work profile, and how you will fit yourself in it. 

While answering these questions the interviewer may end up revealing some important information about the job profile that may help you in the future.

The more knowledge you will gain of the position the more it will be easy for you to decide whether you want to take the job or not. 

2. What are the parameters through which you evaluate the person’s performance in this position?

Before going to any position, it is very important to know the parameters on which you will be evaluated. There are companies whose evaluation happens annually. Whereas, some companies give frequent feedback. 

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Also, it is beneficial to know if you will be evaluated by your supervisor or reporting head, or you will be evaluated based on your work data and progress. 

3. What specific career path someone requires for this role?

With this question, you can understand if there is any kind of advancement with this company. If there is any room for advancement then it can make an entry-level job impactful to your career. 

It also shows that you will stick to the company for a long period and it demonstrates loyalty and hard work. 

4. Is there any history of this position?

This question will let you know if they had this position before or they have added it recently. And also if they have made any changes in the working system in recent times. 

This question also builds a bridge to the new question that if there is any future change for this position. That is if your responsibilities and growth will expand with this position or will stay the same. 

5. Why is this position thought of?

If from the previous question you get your answer that this is a new position then you can ask the need for this position in the company. This way you will understand its worth and importance in the company. 

Follow up on this, you can ask if you are the first candidate for this role. Being the first can put you in a tough light of responsibilities and workload, so set their expectations beforehand. 

6. Ask about the previous candidate working in this position?

It is important to know the reason for which the ‘X’ candidate left the firm. 

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Although, no company will say that the candidate had some problem with the company, or the company has some drawbacks. But still knowing the reasons will clean your perspective. 

7. What will improve once the obstacle “what to say” is removed?

Once you are comfortable and sure about what to say and how to say it, you can solve the company’s problems. 

The best part is that it will also set you apart from the other candidates. A candidate who has the potentiality and smartness to solve a company’s problems can prove to be an asset to the company. And no one will want to miss this kind of candidate. 

8. May I know something about the culture of the company?

Knowing the culture and ambiance of the company is necessary and important for you. You should know whether the people here are just for work, or they enjoy being there. 

A positive work environment can make people willing to work. And it also improves the growth of the employees, providing a better return. 

9. What is the most enjoyable thing to work here?

If you know what people enjoy the most while working here and why it will grow your interest too to work here. After all, only machines can work without any enjoyment. 

If you do not get an answer to this question, or even if you get a diplomatic answer then it means the work environment here is not at all enjoyable. To know this before you start the job may differ your decision of working in the company. 

10. What are the skills you look for in a candidate for this position?

With this, you can assess whether you will be able to fit into this role with all the required skills or you have to work on your skills to get in.  

It will also make you aware of the details you need to highlight in front of the employers. Asking correct questions with perfect timings will stand you apart from others in the interview. 


Prepare questions to ask the hiring manager prior, so that you can ask them immediately after the interview. . But always remember to ask questions that are relevant to your job profile. 

And enthusiastically ask questions, you should never look too curious to know about every ounce of the job. And don’t force the hiring manager if you feel that they are unwilling to give an answer and make your decision accordingly. 

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