These are the things you must be removed from your resume to make it perfect.

  • The first and foremost thing is to remove spelling and grammatical mistakes and decently maintain font sizes. If the resume looks clumsy, this may impact the first impression.
  • Don’t use objective statements, it occupies a lot of space which makes the reader uncomfortable and it’s time taking to understand. Instead, use this space for adding a professional summary.
  • Remove the unprofessional mail IDs rather than use mail IDs which incorporates your name.
  • It is Illegal to ask the personal details of the employees by the recruiters. So, remove the personal details like marital status, religion, caste, sexual orientation, etc.
  • Remove third-person voice, just write what you accomplished in the first person without using the pronoun.
  • Remove fake information and credentials. Employers tend to verify your academic and educational information in detail.
  • Remove emoji and stickers in your resume it is very unprofessional.


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