These days, many candidates experience interview anxiety because of uncertain interview outcomes. So, they refrain from asking about interview outcomes. However, there are some generally possible interview outcomes which everyone should know.

One must know, these 3 types of possible interview outcomes for an interview:

#1: Hired On-Spot:

One has the gut instinct about the interview going smoothly. Moreover, the interviewer offers a handshake in the end.

The next thing one hears is, “Congratulations! You’re hired and please join immediately”. One might also hear, “Congratulations! You’re hired and you can start from tomorrow”.

What are you supposed to do if you’re hired on-spot?
  • Shake hands with the Interviewer and say, “Thank you so much Sir/ Ma’am for considering me, I won’t let you down”.
  • Inquire about any documents required or the office dress code.

#2: Rejected:

The Interviewer ends the interview midway or says later, “Sorry, we can’t hire you, you’re rejected”. They might also say, “Sorry, you’re overqualified for this position, we can’t hire you”.

What are you supposed to do if you’re rejected?
  • Ask for their feedback and accept any criticism they give for your failure.
  • Politely thank them for the suggestions and promise to work on your faults. Additionally, you can inquire about any other vacancies.
  • Send a Rejection Letter expressing your disappointment. You can request them to reconsider you next time.
  • Apply to more jobs to increase your chances for getting selected.

#3: No Response/ Deferred:

Interviewers may not say anything after the interview and defer it. They might say: “We will review your performance” or “We will do some background checks and let you know later.”

What should you do if the response gets delayed or not given?
  • If you’re told to wait till a certain date, have patience and wait for at least 7 to 10 days for the response.
  • Send a followup, if you haven’t received a response yet. Email or call the Recruiter or Interviewer and inquire about their decision.
  • Don’t fret, if you learn that the position got withdrawn.
  • If you’re rejected, then don’t despair. Apply to more jobs to increase your chances for getting hired.

These are the Interview outcomes that are generally possible and some ways to deal with them.

Note: Legally, Employers are not required to let you know if you got rejected. So always inquire about your performance.

It’s best to ask the Interviewer about their decision to avoid these concerns after an interview. We hope this article will address your interview outcomes fears.

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